Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day 2 of the Sister

Friday was a nice relaxing day for Laila & I.  We drank coffee and had breakfast at home, watching the birds at the feeder and trying to coax the cats into visiting with Laila.
Our plans for the evening were for a Brews Cruise in Stillwater, MN, so mid afternoon we set off in that direction.  Oh my gosh, once in Stillwater, the traffic across the bridge, in both directions, was insane.  I was so glad that we had taken the northern route into Stillwater, else I fear we'd still be in that traffic jam.
We found a place to park, and made our way to the boat docks.

It was good people watching, as one boat was loading a dinner cruise, one a private party and one, we think, had a hooker on board.  
Well, she was certainly dressed like a working girl, at least in my opinion.
Our group was pretty diverse too.  
Lots of young folks dressed up for Friday night dates, lots of gray haired folks, in comfy clothes and shoes and everything in between.
About to board our boat.

The deal was 2 free beers, buffet supper and souvenoir glass.  We didn't know there would be a live band and dancing for those that were so moved.
The evening was pretty warm, we did not need coats and were able to sit on the open deck on the top level for most of the cruise.  The music was there too, it was plenty loud, but the crowd was entertaining.  Our free beer was good and the buffet was tasty.

We ended up sharing our table with a couple from Souix Falls, SD.  They were celebrating their anniversary, 8 years I think they said.  They had lived in the Colorado Springs area for several years so we had that in common and enjoyed getting to know them a bit during the cruise.

It was fun, after the sun went down it got a little long for us, but it was still a fun trip. 

The new Stillwater Bridge is supposed to help with the traffic problem, but won't open until 2017.

It's a massive build, really interesting to see it up close.

One of the other river boats
The view along the river was nice, in a couple of weeks the colors will probably be spectacular.

Bridge to be

It was a pretty night on the river

Our souvenirs

It was fun and we were glad that we had the chance to go on the riverboat brews cruise.

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