Friday, October 30, 2015

At Alice's Restaurant

Folksinger Arlo Guthrie puts on a great show. 
Almost 70 years old, he is currently on tour celebrating
50 years of The Alice's Restaurant Massacree.

The show was opened by his daughter who had a lovely voice and told humorous stories about growing up in a famous musical family. 
Arlo,  white haired now, sounded good even though his daughter had said that this tour was wearing on her father's voice.  Arlo played some of his Dad's famous work and much of his own.  

The entire Alice's Restaurant Massacree song, and story, is a '60s classic and the crowd loved it.   Clips from the movie played on the big screen as he sang.   What I didn't know was that the famous sheriff Opie in the movie was played by the actual sheriff Opie involved in the incident.  Arlo told the story of the first days on the film set with the sheriff, neither man liking the other,  but at the end of two weeks a friendship started to form, a friendship that lasted th rest of officer Opie's life.  
There's a message there,according to Arlo,
 about people who can't stand each other finding common ground & friendship.

Arlo's memories of arriving & performing Woodstock made me smile.  
The last two songs in the show,  words by Woody Guthrie, 'This Land Is My Land' & 'My Peace' brought tears to my eyes as the crowd sang along with Arlo and his band.
This morning I woke up humming Arlo's music, "You can get anything you want....."
Life is good.

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