Thursday, August 29, 2013

Five Years is a long time

When I was making my 5 year plan for retirement from Coors, it seemed like it was a very long time.
Isn't it crazy how time is so relative to whether you are waiting or looking back?
Today I am observing an important 5 year anniversary in my life.
Five years ago today, several good friends showed up at my little house in Arvada, CO and helped me pack my moving truck for my big move to Rice Lake.
I started blogging not long after that day, and when I look back on the last five years of blog entries it is fun to see all that I have done while living in Wisconsin.
It is also a little disturbing that there are about 6 tubs that never got opened after they arrived on the truck here in Wisconsin, 
so technically, 
I'm still not done unpacking.  
But that can wait.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy Fifth Birthday Anders!

Anders is 5 now.  It seems like kids grow up fast.
His birthday party was on Sunday in Herold where he lives.
The theme was Construction Zone, and a cute invitation.

It was a very hot, humid August day.
The adults tried to stay in the shade and relax,
this kids had fun running & jumping into the little swim pool.
Anders must have made this jump 50 times during the day.
Revving up for his approach
Picking up speed.
Planning his jump
Pushing off
Up he goes.
Down he comes.
And after a short rest, he was up and going again.
Stella was the first to join in the fun.
A high jump for Stella.
Lots of laughing.
Crazy kids.
Anders and Will are good friends
Anders having a good party.
Anders had lots of reasons to laugh and smile.
So we won't forget, Anders is 5.
Waiting for cake, a special fork-truck fork I found for him.
Birthday boy
Finally the cake!
Aunt Lois
Grandma Lolo made the awesome Construction Zone cake.
Lots of cooks doing the dogs and burgers.
Cousin Emily with a water balloon over the birthday boy.
Grandma Lolo
Grandma Lulu
Aunt Heather and Cousin Jens
Friends from Alma
Jens in the pool
Jens was loving his sucker out of treat bag that each kid was given.
Anders decided to finish off the Pinata
Jens staying cool in the little pool.
One of Anders old toys has a new owner, he took it home.
The kids had a blast getting in and out of the pools.
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Lighting the 5 candle on the construction zone cake.
This little guy decided the hose was a good toy.
Owen and Stella having some quiet time.
Owen hauling some water
A pinata was fun for the kids
Lots of big swings at the pinata made quick work of it.
Anders and his pal Jake.
5 tosses into the air for his 5th birthday.
Ruby jumping into the pool.
Ruby is Anders best buddy.
Stella and Ruby on the swing
Stella and Ruby cheesing for a photo
The kids were having fun with water balloons.
Ruby and Anders and Jens in the pool.
Birthday boy.
Will and Anders and Ruby
Saying his good byes.
It was a crazy hot and humid day, but we all enjoyed celebrating Anders and his fifth birthday!


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