Monday, February 29, 2016

Where's his cone?

Saw this guy on the deck yesterday, not sure what happened to his cone feathers.
Hoping he'll stick around so I can see if his cone comes back.
Keep your eyes open for any cones laying around.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Busy birds, lazy cat

It was bright and sunny today and I took a few photos of the birds who were lunching at the feeders.
Thistle feeder friends

Common Redpoll in the repurposed Christmas tree under the feeders

Common Redpolls sharing a snack

Pileated Woodpecker in the queue for the suet log

Making the leap to the suet, but looking awkward.
Meanwhile, in the house, in front of the fireplace,
sleeping Hops.
Life is Good.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Herman's Hermits fills The State

Last night, while the Luck boys played and won their last regular season game against Frederic, I was sitting in The State Theater in Eau Claire listening to music that took me back 40+ years.
Peter Noone is still singing with his Hermits 
and put on a show that pleased the nearly packed house of young people my age.

Henry the 8th was a big hit for this group, but his other songs were sweeter and I knew them all.
Silhouettes, Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter, She's a Must to Avoid, I'm Into Something Good, Can't You Hear My Heartbeat, No Milk Today - all songs from the '60s that made me feel nostalgic for those young years of my life.
My seat in the balcony was perfect.

The near capacity crowd loved a version of Ferry 'Cross the Mersey (an old Gary and the Pacemakers song) when Peter changed the river name to the Chippewa.

The crowd was energized and Peter sounded great, 
I much enjoyed this evening of music and memories.

I didn't stick around for an autograph or to buy a CD, but many, many folks did.
I will admit I picked up their greatest hits on Amazon Music and I'll be listening to it soon.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tournament Time!

The girls high school basketball tournament has begun.
Luck played their first game against Butternut on Tuesday night.
The Butternut kids & fans had a 2.5 hour drive each way, ugh!
They had 8 girls on their team and it is a school with very small enrollment, but they played well.
I'm sorry that they had that long drive after a loss but I'm happy our kids got the win.

Always my favorite shot of the night

Emma in traffic
I've been to enough games now that I feel like I know these kids.

Luck Cardinals


Jude hung out with the big kids for the second half.

Jude sitting on brother Gage's lap, and big brother Jack behind in the white tee

Jude and the big kids.

Kyla to the hoop

I love the Luck Pep Band!
Great nephew Jack in the white tee and great niece Emily in the 3rd row, denim shirt, blonde streaks.

Looks like another couple weeks of busy basketball for me!
Go Cardinals.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Big baby

On my drive to watch Gage play basketball last Saturday, 
I saw this immature eagle who was working on road kill along the road.

 It spooked & flew off when I drove by. 

But he perched in a tree not too far away and I watched him awhile before he flew away.
Just before flying off, a quick quirt.
The take off

 I see a band on the leg, wish I could see it well enough to get the information.

Hard to tell how big this bird is by my photos, but an immature eagle is quite a sight.

Such wing power.

It was late in the day, 
and no sunshine 
so the photos are grainy, 
but I'm so glad I got to see this big baby.

Gage's last game as an 8th grader and all that jazz

On Saturday, Gage played a couple of games at Glenwood City, WI.  
I am guessing this is the last time I'll see him play as an 8th grader, 
he'll be moving on to JV next year.
Coach Cole, Carson & Gage

Gage makes the pass

Gage at the line

Gage makes his freethrow

Gage dribbles

Gage cuts to the basket



Gage shoots the 3

Gage to the hoop

Jens is loving the dribble

Jens is learning to dribble between his legs, just like the big boys.

I've tried and tried to catch this action when the big boys dribble down the court.
It goes a little slower with Jens, so I was able to catch the dribble between his legs.

Jens wanted to sit with Jack and help 'coach'

Gage on Defense

The Luck 8th graders won both of their games, finishing the last game with only 4 kids after 1 player fouled out, and no one on the bench.


After the game, I headed to Eau Claire to see the Chippewa Valley Jazz Orchestra.
It was a great show.
The first half high school honors musicians played jazz tunes under the guidance of the CVJO director.  The second half the professionals rocked some great jazz music and Sheryl Bailey, who is a famous jazz guitarist, played amazing jazz guitar.
Great music, I loved it.


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