Friday, February 19, 2016

Non conference basketball

On Tuesday night, the Luck Cardinals played the Cameron Comets.  Cameron is a larger school, in another conference.  The Comets are having a great season, so far undefeated in the conference, ranked 3rd in state in their division and likely will go on to state tournament play.  
The Cardinals were in the game for about the first quarter of play and then the height and ability of the Comets were too much and the game ended with a very lopsided score.

But, I'm still proud of our kids 
I believe that they work hard 
I see them play like champions every time they take the court.
Zak is the team manager, he takes it very seriously.

Noah on the tip off jump ball.

Noah to the hoop

Jack makes the corner on defense

Jack and Noah on defense
Here's a little sequence of Jack's ball handling.

Jack catching the pass

Jack look for open man.

Jack tries to dribble around defender

Jack maintains dribble as defender trips him

Jack goes to floor but maintains ball control.
You can't convince me that these kids don't work hard, try to do their best and play with heart.
I love my Cardinals.

Regardless of the final score.

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