Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tournament Time!

The girls high school basketball tournament has begun.
Luck played their first game against Butternut on Tuesday night.
The Butternut kids & fans had a 2.5 hour drive each way, ugh!
They had 8 girls on their team and it is a school with very small enrollment, but they played well.
I'm sorry that they had that long drive after a loss but I'm happy our kids got the win.

Always my favorite shot of the night

Emma in traffic
I've been to enough games now that I feel like I know these kids.

Luck Cardinals


Jude hung out with the big kids for the second half.

Jude sitting on brother Gage's lap, and big brother Jack behind in the white tee

Jude and the big kids.

Kyla to the hoop

I love the Luck Pep Band!
Great nephew Jack in the white tee and great niece Emily in the 3rd row, denim shirt, blonde streaks.

Looks like another couple weeks of busy basketball for me!
Go Cardinals.

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