Monday, February 28, 2011

Stevens Point Women's Basketball

On Sunday I rode with cousin Paul and his family & friend Laurie to Stevens Point for the WIAC Championship game between the Pointers and the Whitewater Warhawks.  It was my first trip to Point and the Berg Gym.  We left Rice Lake at about 9:30am and returned 10 hours later after a good drive and great game.
Britta Petersen is a senior at Stevens Point and has had a great career of basketball.
It was a thrill to see this game and a great winning effort.
Here are a few photos I took with my Blackberry so the resolution is a bit low, but you get the idea.
Here we go!
Final score!
Senior Pointers with trophy
Pointer Champs
Maggie, Paul, Britta, Sarah, Karsten Petersen
Maggie, Paul, Britta, Sarah, Karsten Petersen with WIAC trophy
Britta on her way to the net.
Ceremonial cutting down of the net.
Senior Pointers with trophy, shirts and final scoreboard.

Now on to the NCAA DIII Tourney!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Forest

I took a quick photo of the trees that I planted in the spring of 2009.  
They are looking like trees now, can't wait to see them without their snow blanket.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Taa Daa

Wednesday night was the final class of my Beginning Woodworking course at WITC.  
The class was 4 weeks long and I accomplished more than I expected.  
Most importantly I used the table saw and the band saw, 2 machines that I had not used before.  
And as a bonus, I have 2 new fly through bird feeders for my deck.  
The folks at Luck Lumber helped me pick out the right cedar to use, 
and the WITC instructor Chad helped me with my design.  
The class was fun and I learned a lot.  
My main goal was to use the table saw so that I would feel comfortable using Dad's.  
I think I accomplished that.
Here are my bird feeders.
I am planning to add a little decorative corner in the gable peaks.
I might look for a little copper trim for the peak.
A little seed pan will sit in the base.
All that is left is to fit them to the deck railing on the front deck and to give them a heavy coat of Thompson's Water Seal.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A visit from the TT

The little tufted titmouse was at my bird feeder again yesterday.  I had noticed him there a few days before as well.  He really is a pretty little bird, his colors so soft.  I waited by the window for quite some time before he came close enough for me to get a picture.  My new living room arrangement gives me a good perch (hahaha) to sit close to the window and wait for a photo op.

I also love that the trees have buds.

I know my feeding days are numbered, once the bears come out of hibernation and start roaming the neighborhood, I'll have to take down the feeders, but for now, it is a real treat to see a little guy like this.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's back

We had a week or so of warmer weather and the pile of snow around the driveway had really melted down, but after 12-14 inches of new snow over the past 2 days, it's back.
Today is sunny and cold so the yard looks like it is dusted in diamonds...if only.
Notice the nice blue sky, that makes is seem much better.

This morning I pushed another inch and 1/2 of snow off the driveway.  When I turned to look at the house I noticed the build up on the pergola roof over the entry way.  It looks kind of cool but with one slam of the door, it will be an avalanche.  
And yes, I'm still flying my Packer flag (on purpose).

Monday, February 21, 2011

Conference Champs X 5

Friday night, the Luck Boys Varsity team clinched their 5th consecutive conference championship.
Here is the team photo of the 2011 Luck Cardinals.
Coach Tomlinson, Coach Ely, Conn Johnson, Brody Kunze, Roger Steen, Evan Armour, John Denny, Coach Giller
Logan Hacker, Cole Mortel, Brady Klatt, Alec Mortel, Karsten Petersen, AJ Walsh-Brenizer
Gage Johansen, Jack Johansen
I took some photos of the traditional cutting down of the net and have put them together with the school song in a short movie.

Two more games left in the regular season, 1 non conference and 1 conference.
Then on to post season play.
It's been a real treat to watch these kids play..

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fan Recognition

Friday night was Senior's night at the Luck boy's basketball game.  As part of the ceremony they read a tribute to grandparents.  They singled out Virginia Olson who is 98 years young and still comes to the games.  She has probably been to over 1,000 basketball games over the years and also many other sports games.
Each of the boys on the team came across the court and gave Virginia a hug, I made a little video with some of the stills I took, the looks on the faces are priceless.
Click here.
(sorry for the obnoxious music, I tried to add some soothing spring music but missed the mark)
Jessica Mortel & Virginia Olson

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shocking News - More Basketball

The Luck Boys Varsity team clinch their 5th consecutive Conference Championship last night by beating Webster.  I have many photos to comb through before I post any here.  
Today I watched great nephew Jack play on the 4th grade team, and great nephew Gage play on the 3rd grade team.
Here is a quick video of Jack.

 Gage played hard on his team.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2011 Luck Winter Carnival

Last weekend was the Luck Winter Carnival so I was in Luck all weekend.
It started out Friday night with the Queen Pageant.  Five girls were in competition for the title of Miss Luck.
They are judged on talent, formal presentation, interview and an on stage question.
All of the contestants did a good job and look stunning in their formals.
The outgoing queen and her court were also dressed in beautiful gowns.
A Little Miss Luck is also crowned at the pageant.  This contest is a random drawing of a name.
Last year, my great niece Emily was Little Miss Luck.  She had a busy year of riding the float in the parades with the older girls and Little Luck Princess Addy.  The two young girls did a nice job and all of the 2010 court did a nice job of representing Luck.
Emily and Addy gave very nice thank you speeches as part of this year's pageant.  
Quite impressive for those young 10 year olds.
Megan and Emily (sisters) after the pageant.
On Saturday, the 28th Annual Alumni Basketball Tournament was held.
Once again, Glenn was the oldest player.  He was on the same team with Kyle, so it was fun watching nephew and uncle play.
Glenn is guarding cousin, Ronnie.  Kyle is #4.
Saturday night Lois and I went with Kyle downtown for a little socializing.  It was fun to see some folks that I don't see often or have not seen in years.
Sunday was a nice day, the best of the winter.
Gus had his ice fishing hut out on Big Butternut Lake in front of Kyle's house.
There was a fishing contest, but better yet there were tacos to eat.
Stella and Gage built 2 snowmen, Jack went to the house and got scarves for them.
There were quite stylish.

Stella was helping Gus try to catch a fish.
Gus and Stella
The day was so nice, the sun felt warm and it was peaceful on the lake.  Kyle's boys were pulling each other on a sled behind the snowmobile.   I had to try it. 
Gage driving, me riding.  I survived and it was a hoot!
It was a good weekend.
The ice palace was just beautiful.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Two snowmen and 2 snow kids

Fun on Big Butternut Lake. Stella and Gage at the fishing contest.

We had a real nice day on the ice today at Big Butternut Lake.
It was the Luck Winter Carnival fishing contest.
Kyle caught one Northern, but it wasn't big enough to win a prize.
The kids were having fun pulling each other on the sled behind the snowmobile.
I had to give it a try.
Gage drove the snowmobile and pulled me on the sled.  It was a real hoot!
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Friday, February 11, 2011

Anders and Ruby and big boys basketball

Last weekend, Anders came to Luck to watch the basketball game.  All afternoon he talked about going to the basketball game.  Once he was at the game, he found out that giggling and playing with Ruby was tons of fun.  Ron & Kelli Steen were sitting right behind the kids, brave souls and good sports.

There actually was a basketball game going on are a few snaps.
Alec going to the hoop.

The Cardinal starting 5 on defense

Cole Mortel

Cole, love the expressions
Evan Armour with the shot
Alec on defense, nice leap Frederic dude
Logan Hacker at the line
Alec, Evan and Cole
The tip off
What is going on here?
What is going on here?
Still riding the Super Bowl Champions wave!

Flag over Lambeau Field today


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