Sunday, February 28, 2010

Quick Trip

My sister had emergency surgery today, it was a perforated bowel as a result of a polyp removal during a routine colonoscopy on Friday. It was not discovered that the bowel was perforated until this morning when she went to the hospital due to feeling poorly since the procedure on Friday. Luckily, the surgeon was able to repair the bowel and there was no infection present, so we are hopeful that the recovery will be a quick one.
I am headed to Colorado on Wednesday for a week to help her during her recuperation.  Probably won't post much while I am gone.
Laila and Wanda 1963 or so

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Luck Girls Basketball - A Thriller in Siren

I went to the high school basketball games in Siren last night.  The Luck girls were playing for Co Championship of the conference and they played a great game.  Coming from behind, they hung on in the last minutes to win the game.  The gym was packed and the crowd was loud.  It was big fun!

Exciting night for the girl Cardinals!

Friday, February 26, 2010

A Sunset, A Chickadee, A Basket

A few random pictures from my files.

Driving to Luck one day, I caught this sunset over Highway 48.  Such a beauty.

The chickadees are busy at the feeders these days.

But the cats are not that busy, they seem to always get their daily naps.

Headed to Siren tonight to see the Luck Cardinals play the Siren Dragons.  The girls team has a chance to tie for Conference Champs, the boys are already Conference Champs.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I can do it myself

I spent Sunday night in Durand with Kris, Lora and Anders.  On Monday, Anders and I had a 'jammie day'.  He's getting so smart now and understands so much and wants to do things himself!  For lunch we had Spaghetti-Os and Anders wanted to eat by himself.
He's good with the spoon.
Most of it goes in his mouth too.
It takes some concentration.
Of course when he's done, he pretty much pushes everything off the high chair table, so it isn't like you can turn your back.
I had some paint chip samples in my purse and Anders was pretty interested in those.  He was helping me pick out some colors for paint to spruce up my house.
Weeding out the ones we don't like.
Making sure that the colors look good side by side.
Deciding which one goes in which room.
It was a fun day.  After lunch, a bath seemed like the best way to clean up the Spaghetti-O's.  He loves the water and put up with me since I don't know the routine and do things much different than Mom.
Fun bath toys, and splashing is good too.
After the bath, it was time to chill out with a little quiet time.  We went to the family room and watched Wonder Pets (his favorite, and now I know the songs and can't get them out of my head).
Anders wanted to lounge on his blanket.
Later on, we went to his room to play with toys while I packed up my airbed, etc.  He threw one of his balls into his crib and then proceeded to go after it.  He's quite a monkey and this picture was a big surprise to his Mom and Dad. 
I wonder how long before he can climb out of the crib?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


On Sunday I went to Alma, WI to a lecture / demonstration at Wings Over Alma which is located in downtown Alma on the Mississippi River.
Wings Over Alma, Inc. is a multi-purpose organization seeking to enhance and promote awareness of the Upper Mississippi River environment, eagles and wildlife by advocating conservation ethics through educational programs; and raise the level of arts and crafts appreciation through demonstrations and exhibitions by area artisans. 
An eagle from the Wabasha Eagle Center was displayed while 2 of the volunteers from the eagle center gave an informational lecture about bald eagles.  Angel was the eagle's name.  It was a very interesting talk and a rare opportunity to see an eagle that close up.
Kris is on the Board of Directors at WOA.  One of their projects right now is to raise enough funding for a web cam on the Mississippi so that the eagles can be viewed from anywhere, visit their website for a donation form, WOA.

We were encouraged to have our photo taken with the big bird.  She's tethered and used to this, but nonetheless, it is very unnerving to look her in the eye.
I was glad to have glasses on, that beak could be deadly.

Anders was very interested in the bird, off an on, he's only 18 months old afterall.
Angel, Wanda, Anders
The handler advised me to hold Anders' hands to keep his little fingers safe, geesh! that made me nervous.

Angel, Kris, Anders & Lora
The eagle was getting warm so a sort of 'pant' through her mouth and tongue.

Angel, what a beauty!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olden Days

I am finally getting my printer / scanner to work with the new desktop computer in the office.  
I ran across a couple of fun old photos of yours truly.
Three generations - Ansgar Johansen and his son Valdemar Johansen and his daughter Wanda.
Mom wrote on the back - Halloween clowns - Ralph 8 1/2, Glenn 7, Wanda 2.
Christmas at Grandpa & Grandma's house
Glenn, Valdemar, Wanda, Pauline & Gussie

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ice Palace and Torch Light Parade

When I was a kid, Luck had a huge ice palace and skating rink as part of the Winter Carnival.  
In recent years, the ice palace has once again become a focal point of some of the carnival activities.  This year's palace is a real beauty.
When I got to Luck on Friday afternoon, the sun was shining on the palace lighting up the front door.
Anders, Wanda, Breanna & Alyxis
Anders and Lora at the palace
Saturday evening, after a day of alumni basketball, bingo at the DBS hall, sawdust pile for the kiddos, pancake breakfast, and medallion hunt, the town turned out for a torch light parade.
These pictures are not too good, I have a lot to learn about nighttime photography.
Andy & Alyxis and Breanna stayed in Luck for the evening and braved the cold of the parade.
Anders and Lora were at the parade too.  Anders seemed to enjoy his seat, all snuggled in.
It was a good turn out, and it was cold.
The parade was led by the Scouts carrying torches.  Gage is in there somewhere.
Most of the floats were lit.  Most of the girls were freezing.
The Luck float goes through the parade twice, once with the previous royalty.
Owen waved at every float, looks like he's ready for the parade route this summer.
Luck still has their Christmas decorations on mainstreet so it was a festive atmosphere.
Anders was a good sport for the whole parade.
Emily's first parade as part of the new Luck Winter Carnival royalty.
It doesn't take long for the girls to get their 'parade wave' down.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2010 Alumni Basketball

As part of the Winter Carnival, there is an Alumni Basketball tournament.  Glenn has played for several years and continues to be the oldest participant, graduating in '66.
Kyle and Glenn were on the same team this year, and the tournament was shortened up by one bracket/game.  This was agreeable to both players (less court pain) and spectators (less bleacher pain).
Kyle in action

Glenn in the game

on the bench

Spectators included Lois & Ruby

Little Miss Luck Emily, Anders & Lora

Jake & Anders

Jackson & Dana

Owen needed a snack

Kyle & his Uncle Glenn - neither suffered any long term injuries, YAY!
Tomorrow I will post a few photos from the torchlight parade.


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