Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Yes, I've been hoping to be able to use that headline, and today as I drove past Bass Lake on Hwy 48, I saw a couple loons not too far from shore.  I still need a little more zoom (and I have ordered a new zoom with more power) but this is not too bad of a photo.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cool Moon on a special occasion

Today is Dad's 88th birthday.  A nice moon in honor of his day.
Happy Birthday Dad!

Monday, April 26, 2010

An unexpected afternoon with the girls

Camilla called and asked if I would mind a visit with Elliana and Milena this afternoon while she ran an errand.  It worked out well.  The girls and I went to lunch at Subway and then did a little shopping at Farm and Fleet before we came home to watch a movie and torment the kitties.
Elliana had fun playing one of the games out of the toy box.  She's quite good at solving puzzles.

Milena liked coloring a picture.

The girls are easy to have here, they entertain themselves and love the kitties, although the kitties are a little nervous about getting too close to the girls.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Head Banger and an interesting site in Ridgeland

I think this is the head banger.
He was sitting on the feeder looking at the window like he was about to go at it. 
He's been busy on the bathroom window on and off all week.  It drives me, and the cats, crazy!
On the way to Dana's in Baldwin on Saturday, I drove through Ridgeland, WI.  This 'stadium' facinates me.  Instead of bleachers, wooden benches up the side of the hill.
I don't really think it is used anymore, but looks like it served it's purpose well.
The Goldfinches are brightly colored again, welcome Spring and breeding season.  
This little guy was so pretty, and his wings made such a pretty pattern.  Shot through the kitchen window, so not tack sharp.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Gardening in April, in Wisconsin?

I might be crazy, but today I planted radishes and leeks in the 2nd step of the raised bed garden. I put some pansies on the top.
I also planted some cukes and squash in the backyard. I am rushing summer, but if they grow and survive, I will feel pretty smart!
I added another row on the raised garden and also a support around the top. Wish I would have done all that last fall before the wood twisted, but it is done now. While I was working on the framework, the cable guy was here marking my underground lines, he said to me "You are quite the Do It Yourselfer", I liked that compliment.
I put up a new bluebird box in the backyard. The woman at the sale where I bought it gave me strict instructions how to do it. I am hoping that the bluebirds I have seen in the yard this week will sign a lease and stay!

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Gifts of Spring

My yard is blessed with many flowering trees, some I recognize, some I don't.
I love Spring.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lean and Mean

I went to a class in Spooner, given by the Extension Agent, about pruning fruit trees.  It was held at at the Spooner Agricultural Research Station where they have grapes, apples, raspberries and other plants growing.  The instructors pruned the trees while they explained the process.  I walked away with some basic understanding of pruning and the dangerous impression that I could not make a mistake while pruning.

I have 2 mature apple trees in my yard that have never had much pruning and while the apples are nice and big, they are full of worms.  The trees are too high to spray or prune, they need lots of work.

The instructor recommended keeping the tree no taller than 6 foot so that you can easily prune, spray and pick the apples.
Backyard apple tree....before

Backyard apple tree...after

Side yard tree...before

The side yard tree...after

I might not get many apples, but as long as the trees live, I'm happy.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jake is Two!

Sunday was a wonderful day.  I was in Baldwin at Jake's 2nd birthday bash.   Dana and Erin always do such a great job with the birthday parties.

The party theme was all about football.
Erin made a cute, and delicious, cake.
Jake's big brother Jackson and cousin Charli watch as Jake blow's out the candles.
Erin, Jake and Dana
Jake and Grandma Kathy and new baby Vincent were snuggling.
All the kids get into the act of helping Jake open his gifts.
It was a beautiful day, so after chocolate cake, we headed out to play in the yard.
Jake liked his birthday presents.
Cousin Milli and her cake.
Lots of backyard fun.
Auntie Krista and her niece Charli

Alyxis, Jordyn, Jake, Payton, Wynni, Jackson, Charli, Breanna & Milli
Linsey and baby Vinny had gone home before we took the photo.
Dana, Jackson and Erin

It was a great day, one of the best since I started living in Wisconsin.  
The weather was great and it was so fun to have the whole family together. 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

At the beauty shop

Stella was at the beauty shop getting ready for her first dance recital.
Lois and I stopped in to pick up a couple of items
Luckily I had my camera
Stella was a good sport
Gotta love recital day

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Old News...The Waxwings are still here

Since April 1st, I have enjoyed seeing the cedar waxwings around my yard.  This morning a group of waxwings was sitting in the maple tree outside my bedroom window, just above the bird bath.  For a brief moment there was a male cardinal & a couple of waxwings at the bath.  No photo, but it was a sight!

Maybe this is the 'coffee clutch'
They seem to be in deep conversation

The juncos are changing color too, becoming more gray than black.  They don't get much press because of all the competition with the brightly colored gold finches, cardinals and of course, the wax wings.

Yesterday, this female cardinal paid a visit.  I wonder if she has eggs somewhere close.
I found this page on the internet, a web cam on a cardinal's nest and the female is incubating 3 eggs.  It even has sound.  

It's a rhubarb

I planted one rhubarb plant last summer, to my delight, he survived!


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