Tuesday, January 31, 2017


My little neighborhood is not on the way to anywhere.  The streets are basically a square with two spurs that dead-end up on the hill.  There is a street North that goes through to the East, but you wouldn't drive through my neighborhood to get to that as it intersects with the County Road.
So, basically, if you are on a street in this neighborhood, you are headed to one of the houses here.
Because it is a quiet neighborhood, there are a lot of walkers, day and night.  
One family in particular walks the square at least twice daily.
Most of the kids are at least teenagers, but there is at least one house with little kids who get walked in a wagon or buggy.

So, somethings are just not going to happen in my neighborhood if I can do anything to stop it.
Last fall, I witnessed an orange hot-rod Mustang cutting through our neighborhood at very high speed.  It happened more than one day in a row and I decided not to let that continue.
So, one day, after her had raced down my street, cutting the inside corner for his left turn, I decided to see if he was living down the North street someplace.
As luck would have it, I drove about 1/2 mile NE and saw the car in the driveway of a house.

I decided to have a chat with the County Sheriff folks and see what they could do.
When you call the Non Emergency number for the Sheriff, you can talk to them about anything.
I explained my concerns to the dispatcher and she said she would have a deputy stop by and talk to the driver.  I was satisfied and I never witnessed that dangerous driving behavior again...until today.

I was doing some photo editing (my life right now) and kept hearing an engine.  Finally, I went to the window just in time to see the same Mustang fishtailing up the road towards the dead end.
I observed him go down the far N/S street but figured he'd be back, so got prepared with my camera.
I was right, he tore past my house, fishtailing and I got some snapshots of the car and "ta da" license plate.  This time my call to the County Sheriff's office was easier yet.
She took the information and said she would check to see if there was an officer in the area.

 Neighborhood watch r us.


I'm on it and now I have a plate number.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

The girls play well

On Saturday I watched Stella play ball with the 6th grade team.
Although they lost both games, the girls played hard and had fun.
Game #1 vs Clayton
Clayton 25 Luck 6

Game #2 vs Unity

Unity 14 Luck 4 Final

Here are a few photos of Stella and her team.
Who touched it last? Not Stella.

Jump ball is always one of my favorite captures.

Cardinals on the run

Stella protecting the ball
I've been photographing the high school girls basketball too.
It is fun to see the many crazy stop motion shots I get of hair standing straight up, 
most of these ballplayers have long hair and it can be quite humorous.

Stella dribbling

Stella on the move

Stella under pressure

Stella driving

Stella under pressure

Stella looks to pass

Stella with ball

Stella on defense


Stella - hands straight up

Stella defends against the pass

Stella on defense

Stella protects the ball

Stella on offense

Great Niece Stella

Cardinals and Eagles looking for the ball
After the games, we adjourned to The 7 Brothers Bar & Grill in Clayton, WI.
It is a great place, new to me, and I'll definitely be going back.
It was a nice treat to spend some time with Kyle & Heather without much competition for their attention.

Friday, January 27, 2017

A big loss to Unity

Now that we are on the second round of games within our conference, they all count.  The top teams are clustered with one or two losses making the conference championship anybody's chance.
We played Unity on Tuesday night in a packed gym and it was a really great game between two evenly matched teams.
A few errors made the difference and Luck ended up on the losing end.
I texted Jack that sometimes losing is more about the other team winning than you losing.  I think that was really true in this game.
Here are a few pix.
For those of you who don't know, Jack is #5 and his brother Gage is #22.
Final Score

Another conference game tonight, Friday, hopefully this one a W!


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