Sunday, January 15, 2017

Oh My

Well, that Packer win was something.
We escaped with a win, I'm delighted.
Here are a few more 5th grade girls basketball photos from Saturday morning.
Stella defending

On the move

Stella bringing the ball down the court

Stella going for the shot

Stella goes up

Stella drives towards the hoop

Stella is a good ball handler

Stella sees the hoop

Stella takes the shot

Stella's layup

Teams have five seconds to get a pass inbounds but the game clock does not start until someone on the court touches the ball. If the passer simply rolls the ball onto the court and no one picks it up, the game — be it college or pros — enters a world in which time does not exist. As the ball rolls, the intended recipient of the “pass” strolls alongside it or behind it to ensure its safe travel.
The strategy is sometimes called “walking the dog,” and the logic behind the tactic is that a player can get relatively far up the court without losing any time off the 24-second clock or the game clock, thus providing opportunity for more possessions at the end of the game.
Coach Kyle had Stella try this, but it was not to be, we lost by 1 point.

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