Wednesday, January 11, 2017


It has been a snowy couple of days, winter is really here.
We needed the snow to brighten things up a bit.
I love it when the driveway is tidy so I used snowblower this morning followed by shovel this afternoon to clean it up. I'm hoping for a little sunshine now to melt things, but in the meantime, the yard is pretty. 
The pines are decorated with a little new snow. 
Lots of unbroken snow in the yard.
Gotta love that

And now, a political comment.
I think the PEOTUS is faking.
I'm concerned about the future of our country and our civil rights.
That's enough for now, but I'll be watching what happens in Washington and I'm a voter.
I'll miss the Obama family in the White House and hope we see him again.


Speaking of fakers.
I have tried having a succulent garden on the kitchen window sill.  Last summer friend Carol and I went to a workshop on succulents, we made a little garden there, brought them home with pride.  Not long after, most of the plants died.  I'm not sure if it was water, sunlight or a combination of the two.  No matter, I replaced the plants and tried again, but with unsatisfactory results.
Then, as a joke, my friend Carol gave me a little fake succulent in a pot.  It was darling and looked quite real.  Through the magic of the internet, I found other fake succulents to join in and now I have a cute little garden on the kitchen window.  All but the plant in the wine glass are fake, but they are cute and will continue to be cute.  

So, now I'm a faker too, 
I doubt my garden will have much impact on world peace....if only...

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