Tuesday, June 20, 2017


I finished up my mosaic garden stone grouting & sealing and now both of the Danish heart stones are out amongst the cement blocks that Dad and his siblings made when they were teenagers.  The blocks were made for the barn and house that my Grandparents built.  I am grateful to cousins Paul & Maggie who saved the blocks for me.  
 It was good that those teenagers took time to write in a few of the blocks, 
what a cool family keepsake.
The start to this summer has been good for my plants, 
today I was knocked out by these tiny petunias on the front porch.
I'm being careful to keep these watered so that they continue to put on a good show.

Sunday, June 18, 2017


I took a drive up to our Sandcastle cabin on Friday afternoon.  I was just about the only car on the road that was not pulling a boat.  Lots of Illinois, Indiana & Minnesota plates.  We are happy that they leave some of their vacation dollars in Wisconsin.

The grass at the cabin had not been cut for awhile, lots of rain up there.  I wasn't too pleased about that until I saw how many wild flowers there were.  It was really pretty, if only we could leave it that way, but it is too easy for ticks to hide in that tall stuff, so I put in a request for it to get cut soon.

But while I was there, the butterflies were really busy.  It was great fun to watch them.
The Canadian Tiger Swallowtail is so spectacular.

I had to research to find the name of this little butterfly, it is a Northern Crescent.

Some critter, I think this is the little criminal, has chewed into the outhouse and it's a mess in there.  I had it clean and painted white and now I can start over once we figure out how he got in and fix that.

On my way to the cabin, I took some back roads due to road construction and found a swallowtail on a nice clump of yellow wild flowers.

Wild honey suckle is so pretty right now.
I remember walking in fields as a kid and pulling off the flowers to suck the sweet nectar out of the bulbs at the base of the petals.  I would never do that now, it is too cruel to ruin the beauty of such a delicate bloom.

Also on my drive to the cabin, I happened to drive by a monument place to commemorate the large wildfire that nearly took our Sandcastle back in 2013.
It was a scary couple of days for everyone fighting the fire and we were on pins & needles waiting to hear if our cabin survived.  In the end, we were lucky as the fire fighters called in a slurry dumper to save our place.  The grass was burnt within about 5 feet of the cabin, so that's plenty close.
Nothing else near this marker, it is the site of what was a terrible wild fire.
But now, things are very green and lush where the fire was, only a few dead trees standing to mark the carnage.

Mother Nature knows how to heal a scar.

Father's Day

He was a good Dad.  
I told him that on the day he died, I hope he knew that I always felt that way.
I'll always miss him.

Saturday, June 17, 2017


I've flown a flag on my porch ever since 9/11.  I used to hang a seasonal / decorative flag,  but switched to the American flag on 9/12/2001.

But since Dad passed,  I fly it for him.  He was a proud American war veteran and he loved to see the flag fly.

Once the trees were cleaned up in the yard,  I got motivated again to work around the yard today to finish the storm damage repairs.   The wind pulled the 3 two inch screws right out of the flag pole bracket.  Today,  I decided to move the bracket to the other side of the front steps,  moved it up as high as it could go and re-mounted on the porch pergola using 3 inch screws.  It will be trickier for me to take down to change flags,  but that's only twice a year & maybe Mother Nature will leave it alone  

Old glory flying higher & prouder.
Dad would have liked that. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Embrace Diversity

Yesterday I was lucky enough to catch a couple of very colorful birds at the front yard feeder display.
Blue Jay, Red Bellied Woodpecker & male Northern Cardinal

Blue Jay & male Northern Cardinal

Blue Jay & male Northern Cardinal
It isn't often I get to see these three together.
The Bluejay & the Cardinal sat there quite awhile, appreciating each other's diversity perhaps?

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Clean Up Day

Ryan came over today with his chain saw.  He cleaned up the maple tree in the front yard that was broken in half, and took a few low hanging branches off in that area.  

This area will get a little more sun now.
But it won't be long before the other maples spread out and take up the new space.

The birch / snaggle tree on the corner of my property has been a source of angst for me for a while.  I've tried to trim off the zillion suckers and that helped.
But it was part dead and then this last wind did it in.
Now it is all gone, and my big spruce trees look so much better without the distraction.

I'm so grateful for Ryan's help.
And it's always nice to have a little visit time while we work.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Heavy Sigh

Mother Nature was rough on the peony patch.  
They are still pretty, but starting to lay down for a nap.
Good night sweet peonies.


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