Thursday, October 19, 2017

Where have I been

Well, it was a busy week last week, 2 nights of volleyball, 
a 2 night trip to Solon Springs for quilt camp 
and a wicked cold thrown in the mix.

I'm behind on my volleyball photos so will just post a couple from quilt camp for now to let you all know that I'm alive and soon will feel well enough to be back to my photos and blogging.

This summer I spent a day in Cornicopia, WI at a quilt class and had stitched up the tops for these two runners.  I finished them up at quilt camp.

I also worked on this quilt top.
It's all done, just needs to be quilted and bound and then it will head off to it's new owner.

This was many little squares with the shades of cream colors so close that it was a challenge to be sure I was using a random color scheme.  But it was fun sewing and I'd do it again.
The backing for this quilt has coffee cups on it.
It's called Coffee Break.

My friend Mary sewed up a bell-pull for her friend using the embroidered logos from shirts owned by the friend's late husband.  It turned out so nice. and we all worked with Mary on her design.
What a wonderful keepsake.

Okay, back to my blanket, heating pad and hot tea.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Wilderness Road

On Friday, the Luck Cardinals traveled to Mellen, Wisconsin to take on the Granitediggers for their last regular season football game.  It's a trek for the Luck folks, a little closer for me, but still almost 100 miles to the NE.  I decided to go as the game was a 4pm start and it was good day for a drive to see the fall colors.
The route I took through the Chequamegon-Nicolet Forest was a beauty.  I enjoyed the drive although did not have time to stop to take photos of Mother Nature's work.  I did take a video of the drive for Laila and since it is on YouTube you can view it by clicking here.

By the time I arrived in Mellen, about 15 minutes late, the score was already 24 to 0 in favor of the Cardinals.  The final score was 74 to 6.
I got there in time to see Jack catch a pass.

Jack had a good tackle on this play.

Jack did the weave and dodge for a good gain.

 The starting line up took to the sidelines for the second half.

It's hard for the Seniors to stand and watch I'm sure, 
but its the nature of winning so big.

The Cardinals walked away with another win for an undefeated season.
Next week they will play in a tournament Jamboree and depending on the results,
they may have one more game after that.
I'm away at Quilt Camp next weekend, so this was probably my last game.

I've enjoyed watching Jack and team play this season.
I hope they have a good post season.
Bring on basketball!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Parents night again

Thursday was parents night at Spring Valley volleyball.
Parents play an important role in sports participation, 
it's nice to see time taken to recognize & thank them.
This year we have Alyxis playing Varsity 
and Foreign Exchange Student Anna playing Junior Varsity.

Alyxis and teammate

Alyxis with Dad Andy

Alyxis with Mom Michelle

Anna with host parents Glenn & Kathy
The Junior Varsity won 1 game of 3 to lose their match,
and the Varsity won 1 game out of 4 to lose their match.
But there were more great volleys, saves and serves than normal.
Anna is playing well.

Alyxis takes this sport very seriously, is passionate and emotional.
It's not easy when they lose, but it is fun to watch her play.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


I remember when I was a senior, we were given a couple of options of photographers who would do a photo for yearbook.  During the shoot, you chose either a light colored drape or dark sweater with pendant necklace.  Now, senior photos are all about the kids, what they love and where they live.  What a great change.

I was asked if I would take senior photos for one of the Luck kids.  I was flattered and said I could try, having never done that style of photography before.  

It turned out to be a very fun experience.  Looking for creative ways to photograph Michael using the backgrounds that were available at both the football field and the golf course.

Here are 3 sneak peeks. I'm still editing and have not started on the photos taken at the golf course.

I enjoyed doing this, I might be willing to do more of this kind of photography.
Michael is a nice kid.  He's very respectful and nice to his Mother.
I enjoyed spending the afternoon with him.

Sunday, October 1, 2017


We see American Eagles often here in Northern Wisconsin.
Most often, they are busy guarding their road kill groceries.

Coming home today, I saw this big guy at work near Cumberland in the rain.

As another car came by, he spooked, and flew into the trees.
I pulled over and waited.
He did a fly by over the hood of my car, 
I was not prepared and shooting through the windshield is not good. 

After his fly by, he landed close to the road.
I slowly crept my car closer.

 Eventually, he got sick of posing for me, but I got some nice beauty shots first.

Glenn said that Eagles always look mad.
I think they might just be a little crabby.
But they sure are a sight to see.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

It was cold at the field on Friday night, a hot chicken dinner would have tasted very good.

The Cardinals were prepared for the Prairie Farm Panthers and beat them 64 to 8.
Prairie Farm is the champion of their conference, but they were not match for the Luck speed.
Things got off to a quick start with a touchdown and safety and the redbirds sailed from there.
It was Homecoming and Senior Night, so lots of photos to take before, during and after the game.
I took all my photos from the opponents side of the field, which gives me Luck crowd in my backgrounds, which I like.  It also puts me in a position to hear what the fans are saying about Luck.
One Dad chatted me up and I took a few photos of his son and hope he finds them on my Facebook page.  Our conversation started out strange, he came over and asked me if Marty had told me which photos to take.  Since I didn't know Marty, that was confusing to me.  He thought I was the fill in photographer from Marty Seeger who normally covers Prairie Farm as press.  
Okay here are my favorite shots from tonight.
Dad Kyle, Jack, Mom Heather

Team Captains

Coin Toss (Jack #8)

Presentation of color by local American Legion Post

Jude, big Cardinal fan

My nephew Kyle, with wife Heather, & daughter Stella - Jack's fans

Gage, Jude, Kyle, Jack, Jens & Heather
Most of the Johansen clan

Gage, Jude, Kyle, Jack, Jens, Heather, with cousins Alec and little Gussie

Kyle, Jack, Heather

First cousin (and coach) Cole with Jack

First cousins and friends; twins Cole and Alec Mortel with Jack

Jude, put me in coach

Cousin Ivan with Jack and little brother Jude

Jack helps Jude get the helmet off without removing ears.

Jack and Jude

Jack & Grandma Lois

Jack and Gage with Grandma Lois

Seniors with friends

A LOT of Johansens...Jude, Kyle, Ruby, Heather, Jens, Stella, Jack, Grandma Lois, Gage

Jack with cousin Emily and brother Gage

My brother Gus's football jersey from 1964.
Gus's son Kyle is wearing the shirt as he watches his son play ball.

Ruby and Aunt Wanda

Seniors and parents

Jack & Aunt Wanda

Only one more game for me for this season.
We go to Mellen next Friday for a 4pm game.  It's a 2 hour drive from my house, which makes it 3 hours for the Luck gang.  Ugh.

Then there is a Jamboree tournament day in Cameron, but it's while I am at quilt retreat.
If the Luck kids win in Cameron, there will be one more championship played, and hopefully I can get to that one.

It's been a great and undefeated season for the Luck Cardinals.
I've enjoyed snapping a few photos of their fun.


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