Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A little sewing

I'm getting used to having more free time now that I am done with basketball and editing of all the basketball photos.
I'm hosting bridge here a couple of times this month, and decided I would like a felt cover for my table.  It helps with picking up the cards and also is built in coasters to soak up any spills or condensation.
I had picked up the felt on sale quite some time ago, it was a quick project and I'm pleased.
 Simple yet so useful.

Then I got interested in a kit I had ordered online.
It's supposed to be a shamrock but I'm interested in the pattern for Danish Hearts.

So, I sewed up the fabric that came with the kit and it will be a cute table topper,
but now I'm excited to use reds and whites to see how it looks with a Danish spin.

This Shamrock still needs a backing and binding.

The table topper is done and in the mail to a friend with good Irish roots.
It is supposed to be delivered on Saturday, 'just in time' for St. Pat's day.

It's nice to have time to sew.
Quilt camp is coming, I need to be thinking about the projects I'll take along.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Roasted fish?

One of the cats may have decided to roast one of the fishies.
Not sure that's a great idea. 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Here fishy fishy fishy

I kept seeing ads for these cat toys and finally ordered. 
So far, Barley loves them the most.
Hops seems a little interested, but only after I've gone to bed. 
Happy cat, happy life. 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Got it

Erin sent me this photo of Jackson's finished puzzle work.
It's fun to use my photos for something useful and fun.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

And so it goes

The Luck Boys Season ended at the Regional Championship game.
It was an exciting season with many highlights.
Beating Unity the first time in several seasons certainly was a thrill.
More than one close game causing hearts to race and knuckles to be white.

Jack's Senior Year and final season of high school basketball, 
I'll miss seeing him on the court, that is to be sure.

The Starting 1,2,3,4,5
#5 Jack Johansen
#1 Carsen Ely
#4 Levi Jensen
#3 Payton Ellefsen
#2 Gage Johansen




Jack and Gage on D

Jack and Gage

My 2017-18 Basketball Stats
54 Games watched in person, includes all the youth games
Roughly 1700 Minutes in the bleachers, or 28 hours
Approximately 38,000 photos taken.
3676 Miles driven to watch basketball
About 60 hours sitting in the driver's seat.
Moments of joy? To numerous to count.
Overall rating, priceless.
I can't wait for next year.

Gage and the other underclassmen will step up to fill the shoes of this year's Seniors.
So it goes.
I have to say how much I missed Janice this year. 
I think she was my co-pilot more than once helping me avoid a close call with a deer,
or manage a tricky drive in the snow.

Monday, March 5, 2018


I'm always looking for ways to use the photos I take of the kids in a way that the kids might find fun.

Jackson is a big fan of puzzles and he's good at them. 

This is the second time I've made a puzzle out of the photos I took of Jackson playing basketball. 

Erin, his Mom, sent me this photo of the progress Jackson had made in this latest puzzle.

He's close to working it out. 

Tournament Tension

Basketball tournament play is so much fun, but it is so nerve wracking.
Knowing that a loss means the end of the season, is a lot of pressure on the fans, I cannot imagine how the kids must feel.
The Hurley team had a very long bus ride to Luck, home-court advantage is priceless this time of year.  
The game started out close, but the Luck boys out played the Hurley kids steadily through the game, giving them a nice win and a chance to play again.
Great nieces Stella (bandana on head) and Ruby (second from right), had fun with their pals.
 The Fans were decked out in all white.

Lots of spirit signs too.

Jack started the Luck scoring for the night with a quick 2!

Gage hit a 3 early on too.

The Luck defense was key in this match-up.

Halftime:  Jude and Dad were leaving the gym for a break, Jude waved to Mom.
 I've been trying to catch Jack and Gage in the same frame in as many photos as I can this year.
Jack is a senior, these two won't play on the same team ever again.
It might not mean much to them now, but someday, they might thank me.

The Luck Cardinals beat the Hurley Midgets
  (I know, I can't believe this is their mascot) 
And went on to play the Drummond Lumberjacks at Ashland the next night for the 
Regional Championship.

The rest of the story is coming soon.


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