Sunday, September 24, 2017

Another big score

The Cardinals of Luck took on the New Auburn Trojans on Friday night.
This was a new field to me, 
with a little hill for photographers to get more of a bird's eye view.
The Cardinals again rolled to a huge victory, 68 to 0.
Jack as the Quarterback getting the score.

The game behind the game, Jude in blue

Little sisters & brothers are unsung heroes. 
Many hours are spent watching their siblings play sports.
Stella will get her turn on the court / field, but for this night, she was a fan.

Jude, doing what 3 year olds do.

 The hill at the end zone was perfect for log rolling the kids.
 Good fun for all ages.

 Jack gets intense,
and so does Jens.

Jack, ball carrier

The second half was rest time for the starters.
The clock runs and the bench gets some play time.
Jack doesn't lose his focus though.

Jude was the pass receiver in the game behind the game.
It was a hot September night, temps near 80 during the game.
After the game, many Johansens were leaving for the drive UND to watch Noah.
Noah had his first start of his college career on Saturday.
More on that later.

Peaceful demonstration

Friday, September 22, 2017


On Saturday I'm going to a family gathering of cousins on my Mom's Mom's side of our family.
I don't know very many of those folks, so I'm going to bring this chart along to help us figure out the relationships.  I have started working on the family tree for this side of my family, but with only my Aunt who lives in Seattle as my main source for information, it has been slow going.
Hopefully tomorrow will help.


Driving home from volleyball on Tuesday night.
Sometimes the scenery on those drives is pretty awesome.

Life is good.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Cardinals keep on rolling

The game last Friday night was a blow out.
The Luck Cardinals are fast and deadly.
They beat the Lincoln Hornets 84 to 14,
and that was with the second string playing the entire 2nd half with the clock running.

Here come The Cardinals.
Great Nephew Jack is #8

Dad Kyle on the left, Grandma Lois is the red, Mom Heather center and Grandma Janice on the right.
Behind on the right is Great Uncle Harold.
Jack's fans are many, even Ozzie the dog was at the game.

Jack as receiver.

Jack making the catch.

I'm sure it was a long ride home for the Lincoln kids.

Cardinals, Jack 3rd from left.

Grandma Lois with Jack
Gage and Jack with Grandma Lois
Go Cardinals!
Next up, New Auburn.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Emily on the court

I am getting into Volleyball.
The first year I was going to games, I wasn't such a fan.
That has changed.
Tuesday night I watched Emily play JV volleyball in Luck.

The games are so exciting and I love watching the kids play.

Sunday, September 17, 2017


I planted 3 packages of white petunias, 
all of the blooms have been purple,
until this one opened.
There is a something about a white flower.


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