Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Never Underestimate the Power

Handwritten notes, 
whether they are to say Thanks, 
or just to say hello, 
have power.

I'll never forget a note I received when I was working from our company chairman.
It was unexpected and made me feel appreciated.
I try to remember to write notes and I always am delighted when I receive one.

Today there was a pleasant surprise in my mailbox.

Jack made my day.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Record Setter

We are on the melting side of a record setting snow storm.  The last time there was this much snow in April was in 1983, but this storm outdid that record and then some.  I just heard that it was 58 hours of snowfall.  I think I had about a foot of snow, although it is hard to really tell with the drifting.  The good news is that today it warmed up a bit and already there is melting.  My driveway is almost clear and the bird feeder is accessible again.
I didn't mind being home, I can always find something to do around here.  Sometimes it is not productive, but this time I managed to get a few things done.
I made another table topper with the Danish Heart pattern, this time with dark accents, 
I really like how it is coming together.
Seeing the dark trim and liking it.

Stitched in the ditch for quilting.

Adding the binding.

I'm pleased, I love the dark colors in contrast to the red and white.
I'll make a couple more like this one.
 I sewed off and on today too.  
I do take time to keep up on my crossword puzzles & computer games!
I made some tiny name banners for our upcoming Quilt Camp.
I'm not sure where or how we will use these, but we will.
It's nice to have your name someplace for folks, it makes it easier to chit - chat with new friends.

I had some left over felt scraps from another project and decided to cut triangles and make a little banner for the Johansen kids over in Luck.  Maybe they can hang it on game day this fall when ever cousin Noah has a game.
 This was a fun and VERY easy project.  I have more ideas for felt pennant banners.

Okay, back to sewing.
I'm trying a Cinco De Mayo project now, will update later on the progress and results.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

To the wire

I usually knock out the taxes early, but this year, I kind of forgot about getting that job done.  So, today, I finally did the deed.  It's not hard using TurboTax, and it didn't take long.  This year for the first time, I only qualify for the standard deduction, so I guess next year, I can do the short form and save a buck on software.  O well, it's done, and I'm happy.

While I was sitting here working on the laptop, I watched the birds as they came and went on the feeders and suet bags.  It can't be much fun to try to survive in a late storm like this.
I even saw a Yellow Rumped Warbler.  I'm pretty sure he didn't expect snow when he headed North on his migration journey.

The Mourning Doves look miserable.
I'm guessing there is another 8" of new snow, and it is still snowing.
 There are some remarkable drifts around the yard as the wind really wailed most of the night.
The sliding door to the back deck is frozen shut with a 2 foot drift across the path to the lawn.
 They say it will snow off and on all day long, so I'm glad I don't have any plans for tomorrow.
I'm no fan of risky driving conditions, I'll leave that to others.

So, for today, I'm off to the sewing room while the kitties sleep in front of the fire.

Life is good.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Stayin' in

I had planned to visit a Quilt Show today and then take in some 8th grade girls volleyball after.
Earlier, I drove the car down the slippery driveway to get the mail and newspaper, I left the car out planning to go out later on.
But, the weather did not agree.
It was sleeting all morning and then the wind kicked in for real.
Now it is snowing hard.
After I was dressed and thinking about going, I looked out again, and then put the car back into the garage for the weekend.
I'm IN!
(The Minneapolis Airport has even ceased operations, it's not a nice storm.)

So, I got busy working on computer games and crossword puzzles and hot coffee.
I happened to see a small hawk fly into the yard after dove.  Several doves took off with the hawk in pursuit.  I didn't get a good look at the hawk, just a basic idea of size and was guessing it might have been a Cooper's.
Later, I just caught the hawk swooping in on a dove and taking it down into the ditch.
Again, I didn't get a good look at the hawk.

Eventually, he came back looking for another victim, this time I got lucky.

Not the greatest of photos, but through the window, into a snow storm, it's the best I could do.

They are a beautiful bird, but I hope this Cooper's doesn't want to hang around my feeders,
it's hard on the regular customers.

Working on taxes, watching movies, and generally enjoying the day.
Let it snow.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

This and That

There is still about a foot of snow on most lawns and in my backyard, I'm still looking at about 2 feet.
None the less, while parked at Walgreens on Monday, there was a hatch of little flies.
All the cars had swarms of these little pests on them.
I guess that they couldn't wait.

Pennants strings are a fun sewing project.
I decided to make one for each graduate.

Quick projects are fun and not so fussy, so I thought this is a good rule.

Getting the letters organized is the hardest part.
Having enough of each letter or number takes a little figuring.

Once the letters and numbers are ironed on,
stringing up the pennants is the fun part.

I had the birthday pennants done, so finished up all 3.

Fun stuff.

I've also been making some posters for the graduates with photos from my files.
I have basketball photos of Jack from his earliest play.

And this past season of course.

 It's been fun mining for old photos and finding actions shots of Jack.

This year, Jack played football too, so I made a couple of my favorites from that season.

 Walgreens does a good job on these poster boards and with 40% off coupon, the pricing is good.

Breanna doesn't get in front of my camera as often as Jack.
I found some fun photos from a Colorado visit in 2007, Breanna wasn't so shy then, so this made for a fun trip down memory lane.
 I also made a poster of Breanna playing softball from a few years ago, I guess I didn't take a picture of that one.
I hope that the graduates will enjoy having these poster boards for their graduation parties 
and beyond.

Today I had piano lessons.  Jim and Sherry are really getting into hobby farming.
Right now they have about a dozen chicks, 3 full grown chickens, 1 rooster, 2 ewes and now 3 little lambs.  One of the Mom's didn't really get into the motherhood deal, so 2 lambs have to be bottle fed.
I was there to see the feeding and help a little bit.
Oh for cute.

I have a feeling it's quite stinky in the barn right now, 
some times it is a bonus to have no sense of smell.

 I drove past Rice Lake on the way home to see if the ice was going.
There are some spots that look like they are soft, but it is still shore to shore ice.

 Last year I was taking photos of geese and ducks and babies.
This year there is a big storm headed our way.
The forecasters are saying 6 - 20" of snow could fall.
I sure hope that they are wrong on this one.

So, that's what I've been up to, thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Old stuff

I've had trouble with the tv in my bedroom for about a year.  It comes on but goes through a series of 5 - 25 cycling of power, sometimes accompanied by loud screeching noises, sometimes not, before the picture would normalize and I could watch TV.  I had shopped for a new one, but didn't really want to spend the money.  Plus, I would forget all about it during the day and then only to be reminded of the problem on those nights I wanted to watch TV in bed.  I think it was getting worse, slowly.  Finally, on Friday night, I had my fill and it dawned me that I could easily move the little TV from the guest room into my bedroom and have the problem solved at no expense.
So, I moved the TV to the bedroom dresser until Saturday, when I took down the old TV  was mounted on the wall with one of those big brackets and 4 lag bolts.
Obviously, I'll have to touch up the paint. 

I had a small shelf that I thought might work for the TV, but it was way too small so I was about to go on Amazon to see what was available.  
Then I remembered an antique shelf that I've had for years and years that I think my grandfather had made to hold a mantel clock that he and grandmother had received as a wedding present.
Here's the clock.
 After some searchingk, I located the old shelf and sure enough, it was just what I needed.

Nothing fancy, made from plywood and nails and even a little bit rickety, 
but strong enough for what I needed.
I was able to match up the holes in the shelf to safely mount it using the lag bolts.
Of course, I will have to touch up the paint, but I found the paint can and just need a brush to do that little bit of work.

I'm pleased to have this little shelf in use again.
I can't really guess when Grandfather Ansgar might have made this shelf, if in fact he did make it.  
They were married 02.24.1914.
So, maybe it is 100 years old.
At any rate, now I'll think of Ansgar and Frederikke every time I look at that shelf.

Old stuff is cool.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Jude in the news

Great Nephew Jude has his own Facebook page called Jude's Joy.
His Mom and Dad started it as a way to keep folks in the loop and to celebrate all things Jude.
I assist as one of the page moderators and try to keep the content up to date.
In that light, I posted a photo of Jude after his 4th birthday.
It was quite a surprise to see how many Facebook users quickly saw this photo.
As you can see at the bottom of this screenshot captured this afternoon, 
over 1,100 people had viewed Jude's photo 
and almost 200 reacted with a like, or love.

I think Jude is destined to have a profound effect on the world, 
he's already on his way.


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