Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Girls basketball

Saturday I watched 3rd & 4th grade girls play basketball, today I watched 6th & 7th graders play and then I stuck around for the 8th grade game.  It was really interesting to see the difference in skill level in each game as the girls got older.
I enjoyed them all.  What I love about the younger girls is the pure joy on their faces as they run and dribble and shoot.  It seems like the older the girls, the less of that unabashed joy.  
Great niece Ruby is #21.
She's the youngest ball player in the family, for now.

Ruby is #4 out of 6 kids in her family.
She is the master of manipulation and can really turn on the charm.
I enjoy Ruby so much, she's very outgoing and quick to laugh.
I'm going to enjoy watching her grow up 
and it looks like I'll be on the bleachers watching her play ball.
I hope she keeps having fun and smiling.

Sunday, January 14, 2018


For the 4th year, I volunteered to judge the interview event at the Academic Decathlon at UWBC in Rice Lake.  This is such a fun event.  We interviewed about 8 kids, 7 minutes each, with a set of questions that we kept consistent, student to student.  This has nothing to do with content, although I was intrigued by some of the answers I heard, but all about the how.  Eye contact, gestures, enthusiasm, completeness of answer, and language.  A couple of the kids were really remarkable, but all were at least very good.  
I'll look forward to next year, and hope to talk a few more of my friends to be involved.

It was almost a very bad day, as it was below zero,  and very icy & snowy on the parking lot and sidewalk. I stepped up on to what I thought was the curb, but it wasn't, so mis-stepped and took a flying leap, landing on my right thigh and upper arm and sliding across the icy sidewalk.  Unbelievably, I am fine.
Sore, yes, but nothing broken and a big wake-up call.

Here are a couple of questions from today:
What do you read everyday, and why?
What will you remember from 2017 10 years from now, and why?
Where do you go for inspiration and tell us about it.
What techniques have you used to settle an argument peacefully?

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Is true

Having some hot tea tonight, & this was my tea bag tag. 

Weather is changing so might be pretty outside in the morning with new snow. Bird feeders are refilled, beer in refrigerator.  It's all good. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Milli is 10

Milli and her family were at the basketball game on Saturday and it was her birthday.
She's a sweet little girl with an endearing personality.

Great Aunt Wanda, birthday girl Milli, and Grandpa Glenn
The game was another loss for our Spring Valley Cardinal girls.  What a tough season they are having with no wins to date.  They continue to hustle and play hard, but of course it is wearing them out not to get a W!  I have not been able to get to many of their games so was glad that they had a Saturday afternoon one for me to get to.
This Stanley-Boyd team has a player who is going to play D1 college ball after high school and made that commitment when she was a sophmore, so they were tough opponents.
Our girls played well, and though it was a loss, it was not a beat down.
I'm hoping second half of their season goes better.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Sunday Funday

Sunday morning and my plumber was on his way, so I was happy.  I took a quick shower and when I came out of the bedroom, I could hear a high pitched alarm siren.  At first, I thought that the furnace had shot craps.  It would not have been a big surprise, I'm on a bad streak of breakdowns.
Much to my delight, I could hear that the furnace was running just fine, so where was the source of this noise?  I decided it was under the laundry room, ugh, that means it is the septic tank overflow alarm.  I mean seriously, what next!?!?

When my pal, Ryan, the amazing plumber arrived, he agreed that the septic must have a problem.
He said he would check it out.
I couldn't believe he could muscle those cement lids without any help, 
and then, 
to look into those tanks...well it takes intestinal fortitude for sure.
He thought the liquid side looked fine, I know TMI, but the solids side is high.
But after triggering the pump in the liquid tank once, the alarm reset.
I'm wondering if all the extra hot water I have been running to try to keep water lines open might have messed with the sensor or float, but nonetheless...
I'll get the solid tank pumped.

Then, back to the original reason for Ryan's visit, the frozen pipes in the master bathroom.

It turns out that some rodents, I'll blame the red squirrels, have ripped down some insulation leaving a section of water line exposed to the cold.  After some time of applying some hot air from a propane heater, we had water again and no damage to the PEX line.
Ryan added some insulation to that area and all is well again.

It's always something around here.
Gus was so good at naming cabins and houses, he should have been named this place 
The Waterworks.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Still frozen

Yes, the cold water lines to sinks and toilet in the master bathroom are still frozen.
I'm thankful that the shower hot and cold is running fine and am hopeful for a thaw by next weekend.
My plumber has been sick but plans to come over and see if he can thaw the line, in the meantime, it's a minor inconvenience compared to many others who are trying to work, milk cows, fight fires, and otherwise carry on during this cold snap.  
I don't mind winter, but I like snow better than this below zero stuff, that is for sure.

I started putting some rabbit food out as I happened to see a white tail racing across the yard.
Now I have a bunny watching window in my bedroom.

And all the while during this cold snap, I've been keeping the temperature in the house a couple of degrees warmer than normal, I don't need more frozen pipes for sure.
And even so, the cats covet their spot in the cat bed with electric heating pad,
a the spot in front of the fire.
What a life.

Sounds like our temperatures will be colder than average for the rest of the week.
I'm hoping for a thaw next weekend.
It's always something.
Never nothing.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Out with the old

I made it to midnight, did you?
I think they call this the Wolf Moon when it rises tonight, 1.2.18
I called it beautiful last night. 


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