Monday, November 20, 2017


The tradition is strong in Northern Wisconsin.
Deer hunting is considered the event of the year for many.
The summertime cabin becomes a Hunting Shack in November and is nearly hallowed ground.
The time spent at The Shack is a cherished memory.
It isn't so much the hunting, but the time in the woods, the fun at the poker table, the roughing it, and the tales.  And, for the lucky hunter, the bagging of a white=tail.

On Sunday afternoon, I took a drive over to The Lucky 7 Lodge, Kyle's hunting shack.
It's okay to visit even if you are not a hunter, the social deal is also part of life at the shack.
No one was there when I first arrived, so I had a chance to look around at the many memories.

Gus took his hunting very serious, whether it be deer, or bear.

Dad was well remembered with the Seabee Flag in full view.

Leaving the lodge, I noticed a nice sign.

I made a little banner for the lodge.

My Mom's Dad was a deer hunter too and Gus made sure to register a particularly large Whitetail,
 long after Palmer was gone.

I'm always a little nervous during hunting season, but this family takes safety seriously.

A memorial jug is on display.

The Lucky 7 Lodge

A mantel of memories.

Another one of Gus's masterpieces to commemorate one of Dad's bucks.
The hunters met me on the road as I was leaving, so I came back for a refreshment and some football and nice visit with Jack and Gage.  It isn't often I get to talk to those boys without adults hovering, it was fun to hear what they are thinking about the upcoming basketball season and football and other stuff.  They are nice boys, I'm proud to be their Great Aunt.

I'm proud of my nephews, they all seem to be carrying on the hunting tradition.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Cabin Life

I mistakenly thought that all the hunters headed to the Sandcastle had to work on Friday and would be arriving Up North in the dark to a cold cabin.  So, I decided to go up to the Sandcastle Friday morning and start the wood stove, fire up the generator and open the cabin.  
It was good to be back up at the cabin, even for a short visit.
But then, I found out that Dana and Andy were off work on Friday, and they soon arrived at the cabin.  There were not sad that things were running, and they unloaded their gear and we settled in for an adult beverage.

Jackson and I sat down for a little cribbage.  We used the board that Dad made for me for Christmas some years ago.  I think he made one for each of his kids, router-ing our names into the wood.  A special keepsake.

Jackson might have inherited Dad's cribbage gene, Dad rarely lost and today Jackson beat me twice, fair and square, I surely didn't let him win, not by a long shot.

The last game was neck in neck, but Jackson prevailed.

The weather was changing so I headed for home and left the hunting shack people to their fun.

Happy hunting to the 'Sconny folks.

Friday, November 17, 2017


Last Saturday I attended the performance of The Mouse that Roared at Luck High School.
I'm so disappointed I didn't snap a photo of the set as it was impressive and fun.
I was so amazed at the amount of dialogue that most of the performers had to know.
I could see that they had worked hard and they performed well.
It was a funny yet poignant story.
Political satire.

I knew many of the kids in the cast and am proud of all.
Well done students!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


My piano teacher is out of town and they asked me to take care of their chickens.  
It's not a hard job, every couple of days I have to check on their food and water supply.  
Chickens are interesting, they don't seem to mind being in the coop all day and night.  
And I rather like them.  
So, yesterday, I did my first check in and came home with my wages.

I've thought about having chickens.
But it is much easier to just visit someone else's.

Monday, November 13, 2017


This time of year, after a snow, the moisture level seems to be perfect
 to form a lovely frost in the morning.  
Each leaf is fringed with a delicate design which only lasts until the first sign of sunshine.


 The wind spinner sure was pretty for a few minutes.

Mother Nature is good at art.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Breanna is a senior

I took senior photos for great niece Breanna a few weeks ago.
Here are some of my favorites.

We had such a fun afternoon at her Grandparents Loyas' home.
We laughed and goofed around and laughed some more.
I hope she likes the photos.
I think she's a lovely girl.
And a Senior sure came quick, she was just the baby of the family.


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