Saturday, February 17, 2018

Winter Carnival

I missed the Luck Winter Carnival last weekend due to my stomach bug, but after last night's basketball game I stopped by the ice palace and snapped a couple of photos.
I'm kind of glad they didn't have the colored lights shining on the ice, I like this natural look best.

I'm not sure how long the palace will last since the temperatures warmed up for a few days, 
so I'm glad I got to see it.
As a kid, the ice palace was huge, built all the way around a big ice rink, with thrones at the one end.
Then for many years, there was no castle at all.
Now, a hearty group of volunteers works hard to create this feature as part of the 
Luck Winter Carnival.
Cool, eh?

Thursday, February 15, 2018


So, you know that great nephew Jude has been diagnosed with PolyMicroGyria, many little folds in his brain.  He's different in some ways, but not less.  He's challenged, but not sad.  He's an amazing little boy who spreads smiles and joy wherever he goes.  I'm sure he has his moments, but I've never seen him be anything but happy.

This month, on the 28th, there is a day to promote rare disease awareness.  This day covers many diseases that aren't in the mainstream conversations and news but that effect friends, neighbors and families.
So, here is Jude getting spiffed up for Rare Disease Awareness Day.
Click the link for more information.

The photo was taken by his Aunt Jessica as Mom Heather was cutting his hair.

I hope it gave you a smile.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Today is February the 14th, lots of paper hearts changed hands around the country I suppose.

I spent the morning with my reading buddy Blaine.  He is a special needs adult who wants to read better, and we work together for an hour each week sponsored by the Barron County Literacy Council.  Blaine is in his early 40s and is very interested in almost any musician, but especially the heavy metal genre artists.  It's always an interesting hour trying to focus on reading and comprehension and redirecting Blaine's energy.

After reading, I came home and did a little research and then headed North in search of the Snowy Owl that had been sighted just North of town.  I had an idea of where it had been seen recently, it was a bright sunny day with temperatures climbing towards the mid 30's and it seemed like a good project for today.
I was not disappointed.
When I first sighted him, he was perched on a pile of snow.
Somehow, I spotted him easily, drove down the road about 1/2 mile and then circled back.
I snapped this one photo and he flew.
 I waited and waited, circled again, waited some more pulled to the side of the road 
and then decided to drive around the section and see what I could see.
I saw a few flocks of other birds, some geese in formation and then pulled back around to the snow piles to spend a few more minutes waiting, just in case the owl would show.
I was about to give up when I glanced up, right ahead of my car and saw him sitting on an electrical pole, duh!

I circled one more time, there was no traffic, so I took a couple of snaps from as close as I dared stop.
I didn't want to disrupt him, so just paused in the roadway, rolled down the window and got these photos.

He didn't really act like he was hunting, more like soaking up the sun.

What a joy!
To see any owl, is a treat, to see this white beauty is awesome.

Monday, February 12, 2018

And a little bit better

I managed to sit and play cards for the afternoon, so that's an improvement, but don't feel like I can drive to Spring Valley for basketball, so that's a bummer.  But, hopefully by tomorrow, I'll feel like I can drive to Luck for the games.  I think my electrolytes are still out of balance, so picked up some Gatorade and other hydration items, I'll get that fixed.  Or, I'll call the or the other.
I finished a good book, A Gentleman in Moscow while I was recouping this weekend, and enjoyed lots of good Olympic action too.

I started a new book, this one is called "Before the Wind".  My friend Karen sent it to me for my birthday.  It was a community read in Port Townsend.  It grabbed my interest on the first page, and then when I read this paragraph, I knew I would love this book.
Our Ruby is only 9, so she doesn't sail on the water, but there's for sure no one quite like her.

Back to my Gatorade and Ruby's book.
Life is good.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Not influenza, stomach flu

I've had a rough few days. I woke up Thursday morning with stomach flu. I haven't been that sick for 10 years. I didn't leave the bedroom / bathroom for 24 hours. It was brutal and It was gross.  I know, TMI. 🤢 Day 2,  I was mostly still in bed. Day 3, I felt some better, ate some chicken soup and a cup of yogurt. Otherwise was living on apple juice and saltine crackers. 
I finally felt good enough the afternoon of Day 3 to strip the bed and wash all the towels.

It was pretty intense. For about 3 hours on Day 1, my heart was in tachycardia, beating about 150 bmm, thanks to my FitBit I know the data. 

So, I could not really get off the bed safely.  

I'm on the mend now, made some jello, I'm anxious for it to set up. 

It was Winter Carnival in Luck but clearly I missed all of that. I couldn't watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. I was able to watch some events on Saturday night and I'm hoping to be ready to do stuff by Monday. 

The weather was nice this weekend, cold but sunny.  So, Sunday was quiet. Stayed in my jammies, read, held a cat, played Scrabble and Words &  watched tv.

 Still not feeling 100%, don't think I'll do much on Monday either. But, will see what the morning brings.
But at least I havent had Influenza, that is a good thing.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

In the mean time

The irresponsible and despicable behavior by the current President of the United States, and many of our elected officials, to me, is beyond appalling.  His lack of concern for humanity, his over load of self promotion, and his obvious motivation by money and all the spoils there of, cause me to have grave concerns for the future.
I don't usually say much on this blog about politics, my friends know me as a concerned and active liberal.  I believe that above all, first we are human and from there we should make our most important decisions and laws.  But the current administration is populated by decisions makers who worship the almighty buck and who pretend to be religious and caring, 
but in the end, money, pride and power are their life's blood.
The day cannot come soon enough that these wicked and dishonest people are removed from office.
In the meantime, there is basketball, a good book, Jeopardy & Wheel of Fortune, birthday cards, a sunny day, the song of a bird, the tracks of a rabbit in new snow, a fresh haircut, a phone call from a friend, the smile of a little boy or girl, the laugh of a girlfriend, the taste of fresh brewed coffee, clean clothes all put away in their places, warm toes, a lovely sunset leading to a beautiful moon, and the list goes on.  These things all keep me grounded in what I can appreciate and to some degree control.
I'll do my work in the voting booth, and I hope you will too,
but in the meantime there is basketball.

Great nephews Gage #2, Jack #5, & Payton and Levi
Long time friends and teammates on the Varsity together this year.

Last night, a double overtime effort by the Luck boys.  The 2nd overtime got away from them and it was a disappointing loss, but a thrilling game for all.
 In the meantime, there is basketball, 
the rest is just details.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Good Riddance

The Grantsburg Pirates are a good team, boys & girls varsity.  The boys are holding the top spot in our conference, luckily, they play their post season play in a higher bracket due to the enrollment numbers.  I talked to Jack before the game, he and I were hopeful that the Cardinals would win, even though it was a long shot.
It wasn't to be.  Our shooting percentage was low, and they have a couple of brothers who are all star football players and also strong on the court.  The Cardinals stayed in the game most of the way, and with the threat of 3 pointers, the Pirates couldn't count it over, until it was over.
I caught a series that I like, of Jack driving to the hoop.

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough.
The Grantsburg team will play their tournament games in a bracket with larger schools than Luck.
Good Riddance until next year Pirates!


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