Monday, May 31, 2010

Wynni is the star of this movie!

Wynni celebrated her first birthday at Big Moon Lake on Sunday.
She and her sisters were all dolled up in new sun dresses that Kaija had made for them.
We took a 4 generation photo since Kaija's Grandma Phyllis was there.
Sure was a fun day.
Click to see the video.
Wynni is a star! Happy Birthday Cutie!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stillwater 1/2 Marathon Finishers

Kris and Kyle and friend/cousin Bruce Hanson ran the 1/2 marathon in Stillwater,Minnesota this Sunday morning. They ran a good pace and all finished. I am always so proud of their commitment to running. Way to go boys!
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

And the beat goes on, and on, and on

The insane Chickadee who has been head banging against the windows of my house is back.  He took a short break for a few days, and I was hopeful that it was over.  But no!  Today he is back with a vengeance!  He has been banging on the kitchen window over and over and over again this morning.  This drives the cats crazy (and me too) and they think they should try to get up in the window and get after him.  Of course, that behavior is not compatible with my flower pots on the window sill.  So, I finally decided to try to slap a piece of cardboard up on that window on the outside, I can't reach without a ladder, so just did a half-assed job with a bit of cardboard and some tape and flinged it up there and it stuck.

But now, he's back and still going at that window, over and over.  The Beat Goes On!
Guess I'll move the flower pots while I am gone today, just to be on the safe side.
I love love love the birds in my yard, but I am starting to have some serious negative feelings for this little bugger!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

What a Snapper

This week has been a little of this and that.  I have been back and forth to Spooner 3 times to attend training sessions for my new volunteer job at the Wisconsin Canoe Heritage Museum.  The grand opening is this Saturday.  I'll be working there one day every other week.  I think it will be pretty low key and fun.  The museum is a small grass roots success by several folks in Spooner who have worked very hard to remodel the building and create a classy display of old canoes.
On the way home tonight from the last of these sessions, I noticed this big guy meandering across a dirt road that runs parallel to the highway.  I stayed in the car while taking his portrait, I've seen these guys launch themselves at people trying to get up close for a picture.
You must click on his picture to get the full impact.

What a Snapper!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Company B, 1-128th Infantry National Guard

The New Richmond area community turned out to show their appreciation for the men and women of Company B, 1-128th Infantry National Guard on Saturday.  Due to rain, there was no parade, but a nice ceremony at the Armory.  Yellow ribbons were presented to each soldier and their families.  These ribbons had been displayed on a wall in a New Richmond park the entire time that these guardsmen & women had been deployed.

As always, I was very proud of Captain Andrew Johansen.
He and his 1st Sargent shook the hand of all soldiers and families.

Although this group has been home since January, it felt good to celebrate their homecoming and service.

I think the familes appreciated the ceremony.

Even the smallest were greeted by the Captain.

Captain Johansen's family was also happy to thank him.

His Grandpa is very proud.

Grandma Ev, Captain Johansen, Grandpa Wally
Welcome Home Company B!
Thank you for your service!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

From 81 to 51

I went up to the Sand Castle today to mow, but mostly to measure.  We are planning a work weekend in a couple of weeks for the owners, so wanted to get a list of what we should get done.  Then we need a shopping list of what we need to get all those projects completed.
It looked good after I got the grass mowed.

This pretty blossom was on a tree along the driveway.

We are always concerned about someone breaking in and living in the cabin, well, someone has built a nest on the outside of the cabin.  Looks like some blue fibers from a blue tarp over the woodpile.  Didn't see the nest owner though.
It was 81 at the cabin, nice breeze though.  I forgot my bug spray and the flies were biting and those little nasty bees were on me.  When I left the cabin I was hot and sweaty & it was only about 3 pm, so I thought a quick trip to the beach at Lake Superior sounded great.  So, off to Wisconsin Point I went.
I grabbed a diet Coke, drug my lawnchair out onto the beach and prepared to sit and relax and watch the waves.  But, I quickly realized that it was 51 degrees, I was wearing shorts and a tank top, the light jacket I had in the car was of almost not value, and in no time, my ears were almost frostbitten.
On the harbor side of Wisconsin Point it felt a little warmer, but I was frozen so stayed i the car.
Well, I got my wish, I got cooled off and enjoyed seeing the lake.  Next time I'll have a sweatshirt in the car.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

And it's only about 3 miles from my house

Today I took a drive to Veteran's Park in Cameron, Wisconsin.  Just South on SS from my house.  It is a lovely park, with camping, picnic area and a boat landing.  
The trees are huge and the canopy of leaves covers the road.
The red sled, now that it is summer, more adventures!

Near the boat landing.
I'll be coming back to fish.

Back home again, got this photo of Ruby Begonia.   She's a beauty.

These blossoms on a little tree in the yard are so different.  They almost look like little trees.
Spring is such a great time of year!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The 50 Cent Tour

Thought I might post a few pictures of my yard from today.  
Everything is so nice and green & the lawn was mowed this morning.
Driveway, likely you figured that out.

To the West...Garden boxes and 'forest' behind them.  
You can actually start to see trees there.  Planted all of those last spring.

Same area, different view.

Backyard, looking North East

Backyard, new trees are too the left out of the frame

Side yard hill down to 20 5/6 Street

One of the apple trees is off in the distance

From the deck
Not too exciting, just my little corner of God's Country.

Monday, May 17, 2010


This squirrel was evidently exhausted from raiding the bird feeder all day.

I was worried that Ruby Begonia might be getting too much sun, so dug out this tiny umbrella that I got for subscribing to the Rice Lake newspaper.  I always wondered if I would ever use that tiny umbrella.

I have really enjoyed having the Grosbeaks and Orioles in the yard.  Such wonderful songs that they sing.

The orioles seem to think my homemade jelly feeder is 'okay'.

And the I was driving away from the house one day last week, I noticed this big bird on the telephone pole.  Two crows were diving bombing him.
Red Tailed Hawk

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Syette Mai

The Constitution of Norway was signed at Eidsvoll on May 17 in the year 1814. The constitution declared Norway to be an independent nation. The day is celebrated as Syette Mai. I learn something every day.
As Wisconsinites know, most every little town has a summer celebration of some kind and generally there is a queen crowned as part of the festivities. Luck, Wisconsin has 2 celebrations; Lucky Days in the summer, and The Luck Winter Carnival. Miss Luck is crowned as part of the winter carnival. This year, my great niece Emily, was crowned Little Miss Luck as part of that event. So, this summer, we will be visiting many of the small town celebrations to see Emily and the rest of the Luck royalty ride on the float in the parade. The girls are scheduled for 22 parades this summer, I won't go to all, but will try to see as many as I can.
So, Syette Mai: it is the name of the celebration held in Woodville, Wisconsin each year. The first parade of the season and yesterday's turn out was huge. 
Woodville has a high concentration of Norwegians in its population, one downtown business is Ole & Lena's.
Happily, it was a beautiful warm, sunny day as the parade lasted about an hour & a half with about 80 different floats / units.

The Luck float.

The Luck Royalty and 'parade wave'

Megan and Owen loved gathering up the candy that was thrown towards the kids from many of the parade entries, but Owen did not like the loud horns of the fire trucks and other large vehicles in the parade.  He kept hiding behind Angie's chair to get away from the noise.  I agree with him and also think those loud horns are quite annoying, but it is all part of the parade environment.  The candy was nice, but it was not the only give away:  chocolate milk, frozen juice tubes, emery boards, cheese curds, bottled water, pencils, rulers, and of course political 'vote for me' stuff.
After each parade, there is a 'tea' for the visiting queens, hosted by the home royalty. Here are our Luck girls at the tea.

Krystal Ouelette, Morgan Pullin, Michelle Tomlinson, Shardae Garcia
Addie Musial, Emily Chivers

Most of the visiting queens posed for this photo. Our girls are on the lower right, but kind of hidden. 
It was a fun day, I got some sun, got a nice walk in, to and from the car, and bought some Lefse from Ole & Lena.

Life is Good.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tea Time in Spring Valley

Friday I went to see the Vanasse girls.  We had a yummy lunch of egg salad tea sandwiches and lemonade.  After lunch we had a fun afternoon on the swings and slide & bikes.
Wynni (almost 1)

Milli (2)

Charli (4)





Kaija & Wynni

It was a fun afternoon at the Vanasse Ranch.  
There are some beautiful lilac bushes in the yard.  
Kaija picked a bouquet for the table.
Now I want to plant some lilac bushes in my yard.

My little buddy Anders

I went to Durand on Thursday night to stay overnight so that I could babysit with Anders early Friday morning.  Kris wanted to go turkey hunting.  As it turned out, Kris had his turkey before Lora even left for work, so it was some pretty easy babysitting for me!   So, I got a yummy supper and cold beers on Thursday night, and nice visit with the Durand J's and a chance to get some new photos of Anders.
Anders thinks that the sunporch should door should be open.  It's pretty frustrating when that door is locked.

He's quite intent when Daddy offers a fruit snack.

Convincing Dad he needs one more treat.

Yum, another.

Dad is trying to explain this is 'the last one'.

Kris was trying to get Anders' shoes on, would be fun to know what he is thinking.
Anders is saying many words now.  Auntie sounds like "Aunee", close enough for me!


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