Monday, August 30, 2010

JCLV Family Fair

Sunday was a big day at my house. 

 I hosted 45 3/4 family members for an afternoon of carnival games and family fun.  Krista and Laila could not come, Angie is very pregnant.  It was very fun to have everyone together and the kids had a blast.

The Games
Fishing pond 
Roll the dice game
Racing Game
Toss the ball into the goblet
Toss the ball in the basket
I had made 7 carnival games and put up a couple of canopy tents in the backyard.
Aaron, Dana, Kris, Andy, & Gus in the chairs.
The weather was very hot and windy and that made the games be challenging.
Jordyn helped Charli with the bowling game.
Kaija and Wynni were checking out the games.
Wynni was playing the toss game

Erin had a facepainting stand
The kids kept Erin busy
Jackson going for the pirate look with a fancy mustache
Alyxis had stars and moon
Lora made snow-cones for everyone.
Snow-cones were a real hit on such a hot day
Grandma Lois helping Anders with a snow-cone
I can't post pictures of everyone, but here are a few.
Ruby and her Mom Heather
Andy, Michelle, Angie & our 3/4 guest
Lunch was sub sandwiches, Grandma Lois at the table with some of her grandkids

The youngest member of the family is Vincent, he and his Mom Linsey were at the party too.
Inside the garage we had The Stomp, left over bubble wrap from my move taped into big sheets.  It sounded like fireworks.
The kids really got into popping the bubbles.
The kids ran through the sprinklers and then we took their photo.
Owen, Jack, Milena, Megan, Breanna, Milli, Alyxis, Gage, Jake, Jackson, Charli
Jake, Milli, Milena, Megan, Elliana
Gage, Alyxis, Emily, Jack, Breanna
Ev had painted 2 screens to use for fun photos.

Breanna, Jackson, Gage, Jack

Kathy, Jake, Andy, Ev, Dad & Glenn watching the kids and the photo screens
And the grand finale 
Ev and Dad

It was a very fun day and a nice family gathering.  Before everyone went home, I had lots of help cleaning up the yard and the kitchen.
Life is Good.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Anders is 2

Today was Anders' 2nd birthday party in Durand. 
He had his own table, just his size.
He and I went to the playground and he loves the slide.
Grandma Lois made the cake, he liked the frosting right away.
Anders was telling us that he is '2'!
The wind helped Anders blow out his candles.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friends in Ashland

John and Fay & Louella met us in Ashland.  They will winter in Texas with Dad and Ev again this year.
We met John & Fay & Louella in Ashland.  Dad and Ev got to be friends with John, Fay & Louella while wintering in Texas.  We drove up from Rice Lake and John, Fay & Louella came from the U. P.  We all stayed at the Bayview Motel and managed to play several hands of penny poker.
Tuesday morning we met at the Breakwater for breakfast before the U.P.ers left for home and Dad & Ev and I left for Madeline Island.
Wanda, Ev & Dad on Madeline Island
We caught the ferry to Madeline Island and spent the afternoon looking around the island.
Dad on the ferry to Madeline Island
The ferry ride is about 25 minutes and really enjoyable.
Dad and Ev on the ferry

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Trip North

Dad and Ev & I went North to Ashland, WI for a couple of nights and we had a blast.  We met some friends of Dad & Ev's that they know from their winters in Texas.  These friends live in Upper Michigan, so Ashland was equal distance for us to drive.  We really enjoyed Ashland.
View from the Bayview Motel, first night in Ashland.
The city of Ashland is funding a mural project that has been going on for 12 years.  All the people in the murals are actual one time residents of Ashland.  The artists are two women from Ashland, Susan Prentice Martinsen and Kelly Meredith.  We met Sue today as she was working on the ore dock painting, she was very nice.  All the paint used is Sherwin Williams house paint.
Click on the pictures to see them larger and in more detail.
The artist, Sue, with Ev & Dad

The Ore dock mural
Tribute to Ashland Veterans

It feels like you can walk into these shops.  Those steps on the left? Not steps, painted on the wall.

Tribute to lighthouses and keepers.

That rock? not rock, painted.
Inside Lake Superior Lodge hotel.

The Murals were awesome, we saw 11 of the 13 murals that are scattered around Ashland.  The museum has a brochure and map and it is worth seeing each and every mural if you go there.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Heart Check without a CoPay

Sunday afternoon, my chores were done, and I was starting to think about turning on golf and having a little nap in the nice air conditioned house.   I was relaxing in the recliner when i noticed that the hummingbird feeder was empty, so guilt got to me and I headed out to fill the feeder before my nap.
After filling the feeder, I decided to crank open the umbrella over the deck table.  Sometimes the moths get up in there and I like to open them up once in awhile to be sure that they get aired out.  As I was turning the crank and the umbrella was opening, plop, out falls a big toad!  Well, I screamed, he scamped to get away from me and my poor heart nearly stopped.
I have no idea how he got up there, or why he would go there, but I'll never crank open the umbrella again without being pretty skittish.
He's a fine looking fellow and last time I checked he was still lounging on a deck chair!

Like a friend on Facebook said, heart check up with no co-pay!
After all that excitement, no nap for me!
Instead I got busy and switched out the ceiling fan that was in my living room / dining room arch.  You know how something bugs you because you don't like it and it nags and nags, but it is functional so you can get by.  Well, I've been looking for just the right fan, and finally found it at Menards yesterday.
Too gold and too big.  Off to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for you.
Smaller footprint
Blades are tilted more - 'turbo' - so is smaller and moves more air.
Preparations continue for a big Johansen gathering here next Sunday, it should be fun.


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