Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I like big rocks

I have been struggling with an area of my yard since I moved in here.
There is a raised area between the house and garage 
that transitions the levels from driveway up to back yard.
A couple of years ago, nephew-in-law Mark helped me fix part of this area by putting in some stone pavers and stairs.  But the raised area, which had a layer of small rock was mostly weeds.
Today, I had a landscaper come and fix my problem, and am I every happy!

I was not winning the war on weeds

There were hostas, but not thriving hostas.

The rock along the steps didn't really have an end.

So, the first job was to shovel out the old.

The landscape cloth and some rocks to hold it down.

Now a nice border of rocks at the back edge of this area which will work great for the lawn guys and a weed whip.
These two big rocks were already there.

Now new river rock

Nice border and new rock


Now a few more boulders were added

Now I added a few colorful pots.

Nice and tidy now.

It is so clean and such a better first impression of my digs.
The after and before make me very happy.

Dad and Ev and I call this the 'red room' and Dad really enjoys sitting here to look at the back yard and relax.
Originally I had thought I would have nephew in law Mark help me rake the rock off this area and then I would put down bark.   I had contacted about planting some trees for me, and when Caleb came to give me an estimate, I asked him about doing the cleanup on this area.  He encouraged me to stick with rock because of the easy clean up with a leaf blower.  Once I started thinking about it, I realized that if I pulled all the plants out of this area (except the high bush cranberry), I could eliminate the weeds and keep it that way very easily.
So, now I will have Mark help me with another project as this one is done done done.
Oh year, 4 trees will be planted later in the fall, I'm very excited about that as the trees will be 12 footers and the one in the back yard will be a blue spruce.
Of course I'll post pictures of that change here as well.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Turkey Factory

Dad has been helping me with a little project.
I learned about making a jig for the table saw and cutting angles.
Dad set up his drill press for me too and gave me tips on how to construct the parts needed.
Paint shop for 'feathers'

Mr. Turkey

The rest of the flock

These are fun.  I'll be making more.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Anders

On Sunday, Dad and Ev and I drove to Herold, WI, to the fourth birthday party for Anders.
It was a great party.
Great Grandpa Wally and Great Grandma Ev
Great Aunt Wanda
Grandma Lolo, Grandpa Gus, Great Aunt Lois and Great Uncles Larry & Harry.
Uncle Kyle, Aunt Heather, Jack, Gage, Stella, Ruby & Jens
Aunt Angie and Uncle Aaron, Emily, Megan, Owen & Ivan
Aunt Lena, Uncle Mark and Zach
Grandma Lulu and Grandpa Larry
Friend Will and his sister Claire and their Mom and Dad.
Friends Ben & Jake and their Mom and Dad.
And maybe a few others.
Here are a few photos.
Valdemar and Jens Henry Valdemar

Valdemar and Jens

Mark, Aaron, Lois, Jack, Harry

Grandma Lolo made the cake
Anders' birthday cake-He is 4

Jens is walking

Jens loved the balloons

Having fun
Aaron and Larry

Jack and little brother Jens, Great Grandma Ev in the background

Ruby watching the kids play on the slip and slide

Anders and Stella on the Slip N Slide

Anders' friend Will, helping the Slip N Slide work

Valdemar, Angie's back, Emily, Ev with Ivan, Lois

Getting ready for candles and cake.... Will, Great Aunt Lois, Aunt Heather, Jens under wraps, Ruby, Angie's butt
(Sorry Ang)

Will and Anders getting it straight that Anders gets to blow out the candles.

Owen, Anders, Will

Anders getting the best part of cake off the decorations, yum chocolate frosting!

Anders enjoying his cake and ice cream.


Anders, yummy stuff

Larry, Zack, Lena, Mark

Mark, Bill, Ben, Claire, Harry and Jens

Anders and Owen

Anders and Owen, what a pair

Great Aunt Lois, Gage, Great Grandpa Valdemar, Aunt Angie, Jack, Emily, Megan, Will, Owen and Ruby

Where is the birthday boy behind all those gifts?

Opening the cards and gifts with Mom

Looking at a new toy

Lora, Anders, Kris and Owen...lots of gifts

Anders yelling "THANK YOU' to Grandma Lolo for his gift.
She didn't let him off the hook, she got a hug too.

More presents

Some assembly required for this Avengers tank

Figuring out how it all works

It was a nice family gathering

A little football broke out 

Megan goes for the ball

Gage might be holding

Jack...his game face?

Lots of laughing

Megan, Emily, Jack, Gage
Aaron was tossing the ball for them.
It was a fun summer birthday party.
The drive was uneventful and really pretty.
We were glad to pull in the driveway and we are all taking it easy on Monday.


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