Sunday, June 30, 2013

While I was out

I spent the weekend at Kris & Lora's and then Des Moines, IA for a family reunion, many photographs coming later but this one is from 3:30 am this morning in my back yard.  
So, while I was out....

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I have always loved watching fast pitch softball.  I never played but I did assistant coach for 2 years with a team of girls.  Now that I am here in Wisconsin, 
I try to see as many games as I can when the great nieces are playing.  
Last night was an excellent night for baseball.  Breanna was playing in Stanley, which is about 60 miles South and East of here. I took a route there that was new to me, so I saw some pretty country, found a few spots I want to return to see again, and got to the ballpark right at game time.  
Not only is it fun to watch the girls play, but I had a nice chat with niece Krista too.  
Krista and Mark and family are busy and it is nice to find a little time to catch up.
Eye on the ball, maybe just a little slow on her swing though.
Breanna has a good swing, I have seen her smack the ball, but it wasn't to be at this bat.
Right field didn't see any action in this game, but those days are coming.
On base and heading to third.
Breanna's team won their first game of the season last night, I hope there are more wins coming.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Super Sunday

A day without measurable rain, humid yes, but nice enough to do a few things out in the yard.
After listening to all the buzz about the Super Moon, I thought I better give it a try.
I'm such a novice at this photography thing, that when it isn't daylight, I don't have a clue.
So, here is my entry into the Super Moon photo contest, and since mine is the only entry here,
I win.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Salad Bar is Closed

The deer have been busy eating the hostas that I have been busy planting.  This is not an acceptable arrangement (in my opinion).  Today I sprayed all the hostas with a product that claims it will keep the deer away.  I also wrapped anti deer netting around the trellis for my Frederikke's beans, as they have chomped those down to nothing as well.  
So, now the salad bar is closed.
Just as I was about to close binds and windows this evening, I saw the salad bar deer in my yard.  
They walked past the hostas in the front yard and headed down to the beans, but they didn't stay long.  
I came back in the house when they headed towards the road (I do not want to see or hear any collisions), 
but they got spooked and headed into the woods across from my house instead of trying to make it across the busy county road.

I've wished to see deer in my yard since I moved here, and now I'm not so sure that it is a good thing.
After I saw these two and wrote this post on Saturday, I re-positioned the trail cam to try to catch any deer who might stop by the hosta bed in the back yard.
Then, at bedtime, I noticed that the motion detector light was on in the backyard.
This happens often and there is nothing there, but this time I got the treat of seeing a black bear sow and her two cubs meandering across the backyard.
When they heard me move the window the cubs scampered up a tree at the edge of the woods.
Had I not moved the trailcam, I would be posting photos here of those three.
But, instead you'll have to take my word for it.
It was fun to see them so close out the bedroom window, maybe 40 feet away, but a person does not want to mess with a sow and her cubs, it just isn't safe as the sow will always protect those cubs.

Friday, June 21, 2013

A sign?

About 3 years ago, LeRoy (who is Roche & LeAnna's now deceased uncle) game me a trunk load of perennials to plant in my yard.  He had the most amazing yard near Cochrane, WI.  And he had a green thumb!  Most of what LeRoy gave me did not thrive in my yard.  Iris has been my favorite flower for a long time and none of the iris ever bloomed.  Last year I relocated some of his iris to a sunnier spot in my yard, and they are showing promise, but no blooms this year.
Yesterday I noticed this iris blooming in my yard.  I had forgotten I had planted one of LeRoy's iris in this flower bed.  It is really putting on a show this year!
I said I thought it was a sign.  LeRoy was a big Packer fan, so maybe we'll see a Super Bowl season?  Or maybe it is a sign that these iris are finally settled into their new digs.
Regardless, I really love this iris...
Thank you LeRoy.
There are a few other beauties in my yard.
Forget Me Not

White Columbine

Wild Daisy

Yellow Iris
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed these blooms.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Many athletes

I have 23 great nieces and nephews and most of those are either now good athletes, have been or are on their way to be, which gives me a chance to watch a variety of activities:  dance, softball, T-ball, basketball, baseball, football, water sports, and who knows what else will come along.  
I have my favorite sports, but try to get to as many events as I can, and usually I am toting my camera.  
On Tuesday, I drove to Cadott, WI to see great niece Jordyn play fast-pitch softball.  Jordyn is a very good player, and since her high school softball schedule was negatively impacted by our snowy spring, I am tickled that she is playing on a summer league so I get to see a game or two.
It was a perfect night for softball and no bugs at the ballpark.
Here are a few snaps.
Lots of action here but Jordyn went for the long stretch and got the out.
The value of backing up another infielder.
And she hits well.
Fielding a grounder and she threw out the batter.
Jordyn is a ready and focused player.
I'm not sure what happened here, maybe a foul tip.
It's a little confusing when you see were the ball is.
It was a double header night, I stayed for both games.
Menomonie won the first, Cadott took the second.
Summer life is good.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Map My Walk

So, my quest for better fitness is a slow one.
I love my beer you know, that makes summer hard for controlling total calories consumed.
So, I am trying to convince myself to 'Walk For Beer'.
This morning I met a new friend at the Rice Lake Library and we took a good brisk walk around town.
Beth is about 5'10", long legs, walks fast, which is great for me as she sets a brisk pace, brisk for me that is.
It was a beautiful morning and my first try at using Map My Walk on my phone.
It love technology and all the bells and whistles.
Not only does this app track my route, but it keeps my stats, including elevation.
My Colorado pals might be amused at the changes in elevation during our walk today.
I was pleased to see that we kept a fairly steady pace.
I'm planning to meet Beth again on Friday to continue my WFB program.
Great start to my day.
Life is Good.

and now it is a Porch

Yesterday I got a coat of stain on the porch.  
I found this picture of the 'before' the remodel and 'before' any stain.
I am amazed at the difference now that I see it side by side.
Very bland in this photo.
After the completion of the revision this spring, the new lumber needed to be stained.
 The two toned look had to go.
 The weather cooperated.
There was a brief spell of serious clouds, looking like rain, so I put everything away.
But that blew over, so I was able to finish.
 Now it is a proper porch.
I am pleased.
Life is Good.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

No drive, how about a walk about the yard instead

I am not going on a drive this weekend, so thought I would post a few pictures of plants in my yard.  Sometimes these posts are really just for me, so I can look back a year from now and see what was happening in the yard.  So, these are nothing special, just a few pics from the yard.
Do you see what I see?  This tomato plant is a hybird, larger than a cherry, golf ball sized I was told.
Always exciting to see the fruit set on so early.
High Bush Cranberry.
The flowers on this bush are so lovely.
The fruit are edible although the birds get all of mine.
Black petunias.
I thought these were stunning and had to buy the planter.
Not easy to photograph, but really striking to see.
I really think clover is pretty, I wish my whole yard would be clover.
This volunteer clover is trying to take over the tomato plant's home, so I had to pull it, but not until I took it's mug shot.
Chives are so hardy, I have two clumps of chives in my yard, both come up first before anything else and then get these pretty flowers.  I think you are supposed to pull these flowers off, but why?  I think they are very pretty.
These Pinks continue spread each year and when they are blooming, they are eye catching.
These were here when I moved in, I've just given them some fertilizer and they do great.
My grape made it through the winter.
This is a concord grape vine, and I really just want the grapes for the birds,
but I think we may be a year or two away from grapes.
I'm just please it made it through the first winter.
One of my bridge friends, Aggie, offered to give me some hostas from her yard.
I have purchased a few hostas so free is always a nice deal!
This area around my pump head is kind of creepy.  There was some plastic edging that was coming apart and looking bad, so I yanked that out.  The landscape cloth is letting weeds grow, it would be hard work to shovel out those rocks, so what to do...
 Aggie gave me about 20 clumps of hosta, so I edged that area.
It looked instantly much better!

Once these hostas take off, this will be a nice shady grove under the maple trees.
In a yard with well heads, sewer vents and sewer caps, a person spends time camouflaging these eyesores.
This cluster of pots is hiding the pump head.
I can't wait for these hostas to perk up and stand up.
New hostas surrounding one of the Frazier Firs that we planted last fall.
The Blue Spruce that we planted last fall has one dead branch but new growth on every single branch,
so no worries about one dead branch.
After working in the yard, it is nice to relax on the deck with Barley.
She really likes being in her condo.  
And since Hops doesn't like it outside, Barley gets to have her private get-a-way.
She digs it.
Chillin' on the deck

Friday, June 14, 2013

Ivan, the Great Nephew

Ivan Chivers turned one this spring.  I don't see him too often, but with the winter we had, I didn't get over to Luck very often.  He's a cute baby turning quickly into a little boy.  On Wednesday, I got the chance to visit with him while we watched his older sisters, Megan & Emily, play softball in Chetek.  
Owen was along as well as was Grandma Lois.  
I was lucky with the lighting and having a cute subject,
 to capture the following photographs of Ivan the Great Nephew.

I'll post the softball photos tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

First Flowers

This morning there was a new bloom in the backyard.  
I don't remember planting this iris but it is a beauty.
 Iris has been my favorite flower for a long time, I have always been partial to the purple, but this yellow iris is a beauty for sure.

Early this spring, I picked up some begonia plants at Walgreens.  Cheap enough and so far they have not disappointed with their blooms.

I could never have begonias as basket flowers in Colorado, it is just to hot and dry.
It is a delight to see these beauties continue to bloom all summer.
Jacobs Ladder
 Returning from last year is a nice Jacobs Ladder bush.
I didn't realize that these blooms would come so early, very pretty and delicate.

 As usual, I planted petunias in my deck railing pots and in some hanging baskets.
How can you not love petunias.


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