Saturday, January 14, 2017

Friday night and Saturday morning on the bleachers

It seems like it was a busy week.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday was all about basketball again.
Thursday night the Luck Boys Varsity (Jack & Gage) beat rival Grantsburg in OT after trailing almost the entire game.  
It was an heart stopping & exciting finish!

Friday night the Luck Boys Varsity beat neighboring school, Frederic, by a large margin.
Not as exciting, but many good plays by our boys.

Saturday morning, our 5th grade girls played 2 games.
Game 1: Luck 8 Frederic 22
Game 2: Luck 9 Spooner 10
The future is looking bright.
Great niece Stella played hard and had fun, can't ask for much more.

I'm very behind on my photo editing.
I did read a tip from a pro that suggested I first scan for deletions and then start looking for the ones to edit.  I'm going to use that technique tomorrow and see if it speeds up the sorting process.
It's big fun to look at these photos but once I get a game or two behind, the fun factor starts to fade.
So, I plan to be working on basketball photos tomorrow while The Packers work on Dallas. 

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