Saturday, January 7, 2017

5th Grade Girls Basketball

This has been a full week of basketball!  
Tuesday I was in Luck to watch a double header (boy & girls) Luck Cardinals play Clear Lake.  Thursday I traveled to Spring Valley to see the Lady Cardinals play Elk Mound and on Friday night, I was in Luck again to see another double headers with Cardinals playing the Winter Warriors.  

This morning, I was in Clayton to watch the 5th Grade Lady Cardinals playing in a tournament.  
The first game ended in a tie after 1 overtime session.  

Here are a few photos of great niece Stella and the 5th grade Luck Cardinals from their first game against the Clayton Bears.

Stella Inbounding

Stella moving to the hoop

Stella takes a shot

Clayton's #25 was called for a foul as she tried to get the ball away from Stella

Stella is a good ball handler

Stella brings the ball down

Stella ready for the pass

Stella on offense

Time Out.
Stella's Dad, Kyle, was the stand in coach today.
This game ended in a tie, the second game was lost by just 2 points.
I was proud of this group of girls.
They had fun, played hard and showed good sportsmanship.

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