Monday, January 23, 2017

Be Prepared

It doesn't seem like I learn very fast to keep my camera on the ready at all times.
Saturday afternoon I had been to basketball, so my camera was set for fluorescent lighting.  I have also been noticing some fast battery drain and during basketball had decided to order some replacement batteries, but once leaving the gymnasium,
these thoughts quickly moved to the back of my brain.

All this to explain why the next photos I tried to take with my camera were not great.
The subject matter was once again the Barred Owl.  This time, he had picked up lunch on his way to his perch out in front of my living room window.  I didn't actually get to see him gulp down his prey, but since it was gone when he relocated, I assume it went down the hatch.
Here are a few photos, corrected for the blue tones in post processing.

So, maybe Happy Hour at my house is turning into owl time?

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