Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Gage's last game as an 8th grader and all that jazz

On Saturday, Gage played a couple of games at Glenwood City, WI.  
I am guessing this is the last time I'll see him play as an 8th grader, 
he'll be moving on to JV next year.
Coach Cole, Carson & Gage

Gage makes the pass

Gage at the line

Gage makes his freethrow

Gage dribbles

Gage cuts to the basket



Gage shoots the 3

Gage to the hoop

Jens is loving the dribble

Jens is learning to dribble between his legs, just like the big boys.

I've tried and tried to catch this action when the big boys dribble down the court.
It goes a little slower with Jens, so I was able to catch the dribble between his legs.

Jens wanted to sit with Jack and help 'coach'

Gage on Defense

The Luck 8th graders won both of their games, finishing the last game with only 4 kids after 1 player fouled out, and no one on the bench.


After the game, I headed to Eau Claire to see the Chippewa Valley Jazz Orchestra.
It was a great show.
The first half high school honors musicians played jazz tunes under the guidance of the CVJO director.  The second half the professionals rocked some great jazz music and Sheryl Bailey, who is a famous jazz guitarist, played amazing jazz guitar.
Great music, I loved it.

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