Wednesday, February 3, 2016

More about snow

 My plow guy came late last night and by morning there was enough snow that I got to push off the driveway again with my scoop on wheels.  
Then I got the snowblower out and cleared a good path for the mailman & newspaper delivery.  
It was sunny and by the time I was done, the driveway had melted down to dry asphalt, 
just the way I like it.
(Later I had to redo the mailbox deal as someone with a plow had been to the neighbors and filled that all in again, but o-well, it is kind of fun work when you have no schedule.)

Here are a few photos of Mother Nature's Handiwork.
My Colorado Blue Spruce was dripping with snow.

Here comes the sun.

Red berries and pine trees and snow - sigh, very pretty.

I planted these smaller pines my first Spring in Rice Lake.  Taller than me now.

I plowed off the bird feeder as there were quite a few little feathered friends looking for a snack.
A friend who had a real tree for Christmas dropped it off so I could re-purpose it for the birds around the feeders.  It was doing a big business over the last couple of days during the snow storm.

Common Redpoll

Common Redpoll

Next year I'll try to get a couple more left over trees for my feeder area.
Great cover for the little birds and looks pretty in the snow.

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