Saturday, October 31, 2015

It was time

I had not spent a day out and about with my camera in weeks.
Friday, I had business at Luck and then took a drive north to the Crex Meadows Wildlife Area where I am a member.
It wasn't a great day for photography, but I had heard that a snowy owl was hanging around Crex and thought I might as well go see what I could see.
With the help of a fellow photography and wildlife friend, who I happened to meet on the road inside Crex, I drove right to the owl.
Here are a few of my lucky photos.
 The owl had been sitting here most of the day, according to others, 
but I saw it poop, 
and then it flew to a new branch about 50 yards away.

 I always love seeing the swans at Crex, and they make for good interest in the current landscape.

Taken with my cellphone camera held up to my binoculars.
Standby for editorial rant please....
I wish folks would remember to "first, do no harm" when viewing wildlife, especially such a rare bird. 
Don't be the 'photographer' today who walked off the road well into the natural grasses, while her dog in the car, with windows down, barked at other people who were also getting out of their cars and walking around. If you thought I was rude for me to ask you not to walk into the natural grasses, to silence your dog and quit trying to scare the owl, tough. You were thoughtless and put undo stress on this bird. Did you notice that most photographers stayed in their vehicles and used them as a blind. None were yelling at their dogs to shut up.
I'm off my soapbox now, please delete if I crossed the line.

Fall is about over and winter will be here so soon.
It was good to have a visit at Crex before the snow flies.
The Crex Meadows Wildlife area is a real gem, not far from home.

As I drove home, 
I took a route that my friend Kathy had suggested might show me a few Sandhill Cranes.

The Sandhill Cranes will migrate South soon, but right now, Crex is a great place to see the cranes come in at night and leave in the early morning.  I was happy to get to see a few on my trek back home as they will starting their trek South very soon.
It's time.

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