Monday, October 12, 2015

Bloomer trip

Saturday Carol and I participated in a home tour in Bloomer, WI.
It was a beautiful day and we saw 4 very different homes.

In one, I saw a very handy tool for storing quilting rules and such.

I might have to think about this and see if I could make something similar.

I also got a fun idea in one of the homes for a valance in my living room.  I'll post more about that once I have my supplies and get going on it.

On our way home, we stopped at a classic Wisconsin Supper Club to quench our thirst.

This place was one room, bar right when you walk in, tables in the rest of the area.
Family owned for 40 + years.
The bar was heavily shellacked chipboard.
I loved it.
We plan to go back as they have some yummy sounding menu items.
Just to test drive this place, I ordered some curds, they were really good.

One of the patrons at the bar told us that the dumplings there are great, and you can buy them frozen, by the bag, so I brought home enough dumplings to last me a very long time.

Not exactly Weight Watchers approved, 
but I remember the potato dumplings my Mom made, and I'm going to try these tonight.

Before we left for Bloomer, I took this photo of my yard.  These 4 trees are real showstoppers.

 The Bloomer trip was much fun, 
Carol and I got lots of visiting in 
and we saw many pretty leaves along our way.

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