Thursday, October 22, 2015

Florence's doilies

A couple of weeks ago I went with friend Carol to a home show in Bloomer. We saw 4 homes,  each one very unique.  
One was the old hotel on main street, one a 100 year old house that had been refurbished beautifully, one was a lake home decorated with cabin decor including a birch log for a valance,  clever, & a bit odd, but it fit the decor which also included a standing bear mount and moose horns.  One was a '70s ranch style home and this one was furnished inside with only antiques and handmade quilts. In the bathroom,  the decorator had used old cloth doilies as window coverings.  I saw this idea and thought of using doilies for a valance and decided that's what I would do with my Florence doilies.
Florence Skow was the grandma to my brother Gus's kids.  Lois's mom was a master crocheter!  Many of us have angel tree toppers crocheted by Florence and I have a lovely selection of hand made doilies.   Since I don't have doilies around the house like I used to,  these beauties have been living in the closet.
Getting this valance idea gave me a good reason to wash and iron all of my 'Florence's doilies' and appreciate how pretty they are,  each one a work of art.
Since I moved into this house I have been trying to decide what to do for a valance in my living room.  This big window needed something,  but what?
Today I hung the doilies on a rod over they big window and I love how they look. I may need to do a little adjusting for which size goes where, but the look is exactly what I wanted.  Now I will look at, and enjoy, Florence's doilies everyday.
❤ and it makes me happy.
Life is Good.

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