Saturday, October 24, 2015

From this to that

It rained today, I was pretty lazy, watching TV and reading, but then Roche called to ask about the book 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up'.  That's the book that motivated me to  take some big steps towards geting my house organized.  She was about to start on her closet.  So that motivated me.  
I pulled every single thing out and threw it on the bed.
Oh my gosh, do I really have that many clothes?!?
I felt disgusted really!

Then, item by item, decided what went back in, as suggested in the book.   
It's all about joy for this author, keeping those things that being you joy, and discarding the rest, after properly appreciating them as you send them off.
Some items were folded on the shelf, while others were best on hangars.
Yes, I sorted by color & by sleeve length; summer & winter in cohabitation.
Shirts / blouses were awarded their own place in the closet.

Who knew I had so many jackets, and I don't mean the winter variety.

Ahhhh, feel the joy.
And yes, there is a red theme...Wisconsin Badgers, Luck Cardinals, it is to be expected.

I love this little book and the ideas that have been planted in my brain.  
And tonight I'm really feeling the joy about those items that are left in my closet.  

And I also feel great about the items I'll be donating to Goodwill tomorrow.

I found more doilies too, so now I'll rearrange my valance doilies and update my last post. I just have them draped on the rod up there, once I get the final arrangement nailed, I'll add some straight pins, as it will be good to be able to wash them without any big drama like un-sewing.

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