Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Autumn vs. fall

Fall and autumn are both accepted and widely used terms for the season that comes between summer and winter. Some who consider British English the only true English regard fall as an American barbarism, but this attitude is not well founded. Fall is in fact an old term for the season, originating in English in the 16th century or earlier. It was originally short for fall of the year or fall of the leaf, but it commonly took the one-word form by the 17th century, long before the development of American English. So while the term is now widely used in the U.S., it is not exclusively American, nor is it American in origin.  according to http://grammarist.com/

Personally, I prefer Autumn.  This autumn the pansies are back 

the leaves are colorful

A few plants that I can't remember their names, are blooming

the bluejays are busy with the seeds

migrating birds are stopping by like this purple finch

the maple trees are showing off, like this one just West of my driveway

high school football is in full swing, great nephew Jack is the blonde on the left

 Laila and I drove by during practice and snapped a few photos

The Luck Cardinals are having a great season.
I don't go to high school football games, something about the kids and their helmets cracking bothers me, but I was delighted to catch a glimpse of Jack at practice.

Lets hope there is a lot more Autumn before we start with the snow.

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