Monday, October 26, 2015

Doilies and Memories

In the process of my closet purge, I found several more 'Florence doilies', so I did a little modification to my living room valance.  Now I'm really pleased with the look.

 It turned out I had extra doilies, so thought I might as well include the kitchen window in this decor scheme, So, I took down the lace curtain that had been placed there by the folks who lived here before me, and replaced them with memories of Florence.
It's all good.

I still have a few left, I'm eyeing another spot that has possibilities.
Life is Good
Memories are Precious.

We are just one year since saying good bye to Ev.
The 'afterglow' that we held on 10/25/14 was a wonderful day of family and friends,
 sunshine and fall weather 
and remembering Ev.
I remember that day as being full of smiles and hugs and laughing and children having fun.
It's good to remember, eh?
Ev & Wally

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