Tuesday, October 27, 2015

An add on

I was going to edit the post about the Work Weekend at the cabin so I could add these pictures drawn by Jake, but then I realized I wanted to write a little bit about Nnelg Nesanhoj (said:  nelg nesanho).   
Glenn told me that he and Rick Pomerleau, who were good pals as young boys, had this fun thing that they called each other their names said backwards.
Of course Glenn was Nnelg Nesanhoj, and Rick/Richard was
Drahcir Uaelremop (said:  dracer urlermop).

We were talking about that when Rick & Mary visited us at the cabin, I asked Glenn if he had his grandkids doing that, I guess Jake was listening, so he wrote his name
as we decided you would say it ekaj wtih a long e.

I hope Nnelg will get the rest of the kids to have some fun with this idea.

And here are the rest of Jake's drawings from the weekend.
He had been telling me about sharks all weekend, he showed Mary the shark book and they found a seahorse in one of the pictures.
Jake's version of a seahorse

Jake drew a picture of himself lifting weights, big big weights.

Jake's self portrait.
I wonder if he will be artistic like his Mom?

I put together a little photo album for Jake from the work weekend.
I got this text from his Dad, Dana today.
(I still can't get that Lego Movie theme song out of my head.)

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