Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Day 3 of the Sister

Saturday was a nice sunny fall day.
Laila and I headed North for the day.
Our first stop was coffee and a visit with Craig & Mary Jo Nelson at their Lake Simms home.
It was fun and relaxing.

Then we headed off to have lunch.
We met Rick & Mary at The Y-Go-By for lunch.
It was delicious broasted chicken and we had a fun visit.
Laila had not seen Rick for who knows how long, 
and she saw Mary in the 80's when Mary lived in Colorado.

We had fun taking a group selfie after lunch.

Laila took this one.
From lunch we took the sand roads to The Sandcastle.
Laila's first visit to the castle and it was a nice day for it.
All was well there.

Along the way, we stopped to take a few photos of the leaves.
One of Laila's photos

Laila took a turn with my camera.
She might catch the photography bug.

From the Sandcastle, we headed North to Superior.
The plan was to visit Wisconsin Point and then decide from there what to do.
About 20 miles South of the lake, we could see that we were driving into a fog bank, and it was thick.

Once we arrived at the breakwater at Wisconsin Point, we saw several photographers with serious equipment set up watching the fog.  

The lighthouse was blowing its fog horn and it was kind of spooky.

I stood looking out to the lake and thought I saw something.  I turned to the man next to me and made the comment, "am I seeing something? or am I seeing things?"  His reply was that he hoped I was seeing the ship that they were all waiting for.
The ghost ship on the left, light house is center.

Slowly the ship emerged from the fog.
The folks waiting were very knowledgeable about the Hon. Paul Brown.
A Canadian ship, 790 feet in length, with a new motor.
I was really excited to see a ship so close, I have been hoping for this opportunity.

We left the breakwater area and made a stop at the beach.
The sun was trying to break through, but it did not succeed.

I love this lake
The fog made the water look red.

Not exactly beach weather, we were glad we had our winter jacketrs.

Off we went to Duluth.
The normally scary bridge was an easy drive as I could barely see the guard rails, so no sense of being high in the air over the channel below.

Once we got to Canal Park, we heard the horns and saw the lift bridge operate twice.
Well we kind of saw it.

There is a lake behind Laila somewhere in the mist.

After trying to eat at the famous Grandma's at Canal Park, but deciding against an hour & 1/2 wait, we hopped back in the car, headed for Rice Lake, and enjoyed a nice supper at Lehman's Supper Club, close to home, after a long day of travel.

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