Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Angels on earth

When Mom was in the hospice the 3 weeks before she died, I learned that hospice plays an important role for the patient but a critical role in the lives of the family.  I learned to admire the work they do everyday to help folks as a loved one is passing and I believe these tireless workers to be angels on earth.  Ev spent 5 days in hospice after her stroke and I know that Dad felt the same say about the staff there.  They cared for Ev yes, but they made sure Dad had what he needed too.  For those days he had at Ev's bedside, I am ever grateful.

So, when the local hospice folks advertised an evening benefit event, I decided to attend with my friend Carol.  The event included a raffle, silent auction, free buffet and later in the evening there was to be live music.  The Lehman's Supper Club folks put on a spread of appetizers like I have never seen.  The crowd was large and almost every seat was filled with folks visiting, eating and drinking and the lines of folks bidding on auction items was always full.  

I bid on several fun items on the silent auction, but only one came home with me.
When I saw these wooden bowls, and read the description, I knew I was going to bid high.

My neighbor made these beauties, and I have another bowl that he made just for me a few years ago.  About 3 years ago, Don stopped by and asked if he could take some of the pretty maple leaves off one of my trees.  He explained that he made wooden bowls and thought it would be nice to put a pretty leaf in the finish.
Much to my surprise a couple of weeks later he showed up at my front door with a bowl just for me.

Somehow, this made me think I should bid high on these auction items, and I stayed zeroed in on the bidding to be sure I won.  I was outbid with just minutes to go, but I quickly got my last bid in just under the deadline.

I'm not sure what I'll use these for, the finish is food safe according to the artist.
Even if I don't use them for food, I'll love them, and the money went to further support those angels on earth who give hospice care, 
I call it a win-win.

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