Monday, June 9, 2014

Sunny Sunday

We've had a rainy spring, and as a result, everything is nice a green and lush.  Saturday was one of those rainy days, it pretty much poured all day long.  Well over an inch in the rain gauge is a significant rainfall.
But, Sunday, wow, what a difference.  Not one cloud in the sky.
I had coffee in 'the red room' and this was my view.
The little area between the garage and the front door has become 'the red room' and it's a nice spot of relax.
I started the day with a few smaller outdoor projects, but then I really got into it.
One thing that all of us who life in the country share is an important lawn ornament, the fire number.
The fence post and sign with house number is always located in a prominent position.  This is important for emergency response, but isn't always convenient.
I've been working on how to best manage this 'lawn ornament'.
Last fall I planted 5 peony roots around the fire number pole.
Today, I got busy on a border for that flower garden, and I'm pretty pleased with the results.
I have been looking around for some field stone, and even priced it at a landscaper.
Rocks this size are $1/each (or more).
I managed to scrounge all of these rocks from my yard.  It's funny how rocks are here and there and go unnoticed until you really look.
I can use a few more, so now I'll be keeping my eye open as I cruise the country roads.

Since the forecast is for rain off and on all week, I decided to get busy with the mower.
It took me 2 hours to do most of the yard, but the end result was worth it.
I rewarded myself with a cold Coors Light on the back deck.
I took a couple of panoramic shots with my cell phone.
I don't think my yard has ever looked quite this good.

I love the day lilies along the driveway, all were given to me by Mary and Gary Erickson and all are thriving.  They make a nice border for my driveway.

Front door
Soon, the trellis to the right of the front door will be covered in hops, they have started their climb.
Some days these hops grow over an inch, very entertaining.
A new addition to the yard is this metal plant stand.
I've been looking for some kind of lawn ornament for a couple of years, and I knew this was it when I saw it at a greenhouse North of Rice Lake.

Here it is loaded up and in the backyard.
I am using it to cover up a stump that would ruin a lawn mower,
and it's a nice spot as I can see it from 'the red room' and the back deck.
And, it will last forever.

I had planned on starting to build a miniature barn.  It is an idea to mimic the shape of my Grandfather Ansgar's barn which was taken down last summer.  I have barn wood from that barn to use on my small barn.  I started to think about this project and realized I had no idea where to start.
So, today, while it is rainy, I'll work on researching the building of my little barn.
By the time my next free day comes along, I should have a solid plan of attack.

Eventually this will be the little barn.
Sunny Sundays are the best.
I made good use of mine.
Life is good.

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