Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer stuff

The wild daisies (weeds) are starting to bloom, I was worried, but they are just a little behind is all.

My yard has been a breeding ground for dandelions.  I refuse to put down weedkiller, but they only last a little while, and now most are gone and some new wildflower (weed) is coming to replace it.  I found one big dande getting ready to spread it's seeds.
I wish everything I planted grew as well as the dandelions!
It is amazing that Mother Nature works so hard to create such a complex creation
and then most people treat it like it is evil.

I planted some chives a few years ago, I rarely use them in cooking, I just enjoy them as plants.
I remember my mother telling us to pull those buds off before they could bloom,
but I just let mine go so I can enjoy the flowers.
Chives, an herb and an ornament

A little patch of pinks keeps spreading every year and now it is a little field of flowers.
Are they called pinks because they are pink?  I'm not sure.
The hanging pots filled with fuscia plants have done so well with all the rain.
Sometimes they don't even look real.
Are they called Fuscia because of their color?  Beats me, but I think they are lovely to look at.
Lots of stuff is blooming, the baby robin has fledged and now is seen in the yard picking its own worms out of the dirt.  And the mosquitoes continue to rule the yard and decks.
Ahhh, summer.

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