Sunday, June 15, 2014

Five is special

After a long winter of not getting too far from Rice Lake, it's really nice to have a chance to get out and see some of the family.  Kaija invited me to join in the celebration of Wynni's 5th birthday, taco salad and cake at their place on Saturday evening.   The drive to Spring Valley was beautiful, we've had so much rain that the landscape is lush and green and really pretty.

The weather didn't look like it was going to cooperate.  
Big, dark clouds were building and the temperature was dropping, but it all worked out.  Kaija and Mike have big garage and had it set with the tables and buffet.  I did wish I had worn socks and shoes instead of sandals, the weather almost felt like late fall.

Wynni is a cute little girl and Kaija had made a darling cake.
The Vanasse and Johansen and Loyas families were all there to celebrate, 
only Aunt Krista was missing because of work.

There were lots of little Vanasse cousins there who I don't know or can't remember names.  All the kids were having a blast together, & I only saw a couple of tears or mad faces the whole day.
Kids and adults love cupcakes.
Happy Birthday Wynni!
These girls and their serious looks...sigh

Wynni and cousins, brother Bryce on the far left.
Wynni being Wynni
Cupcakes gone, kids gone off to play.
It was cloudy and looked like a storm, but the rain held off for the party.
This Vanasse cousin was enjoying his cake and ice cream.
Talk about blue eyes!

Bryce explaining something to his cousin.  Future Farmers?
Bryce was really having run on his tractor.
Vinny seemed to really have fun with all the kids and grownups too.
Balloons were lots of fun, then it turned to balloon fights and then the balloons had to take a rest.
Cordell has a bad cold so snuggling with Grandma was a good thing.
Charli watching the 'little kids'
Cousins Jackson and Jake, doing who knows what
Jake enjoying his 'no frosting please' cupcake
Grandma Sheryl Vanasse and Grandma Kathy Johansen
Grandpa Vern Vanasse and Grandpa Glenn Johansen
Glenn and his cake and silliness
Niece Jordyn helping her Aunt Kaija dish up the cake and ice cream
Jordyn has the magic touch with babies.
Kaija and her nieces.
They managed to convince me to watch Dumb and Dumber when I got home.
Vanasse Generations:  Mike and Mitch, Grandpa Irvan, Dad Vern and Grandma Evey 
 Exciting day for me as it was my first sighting of Alaina.
She's a real cutie and let me hold her for a long time and then fell asleep in my arms.
Alaina and her mommy, Payton
Aunt Linsey with Alaina
Daddy Rusty and Alaina, she loves the dolphin swing!
Dana, I missed getting a photo of Erin (that's not like me, oops)
I'm not sure how the gift thing works, looks like each of the kids helps with the opening of Wynni's presents.
Alaina and her happy mommy Payton

Payton has a great smile.
 Alyxis took the camera for a bit, she got a few close ups.

Milli opening a card, the cousins watching.

Andy holding his nephew Cordell and having a 'conversation' with his daughter Alyxis.

There was a moment of sadness for the birthday girl
But you can't eat push ups and cry, so, no more crying.
Alyxis took this 'artsy' photo of Wynni.
Lots of kids, lots of things with wheels = lots of fun
Kaija was busy with kids and entertaining, but at least I got one quick photo of her.
Charli and a big smile!  Love smiling kids!
Andy having 'a conversation' with his Dad 
 Party people

What a nice gathering of family to celebrate Wynni's birthday!
Being 5 is special.

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