Monday, June 16, 2014

A little chute

Dad suggested that I add the little chute that was between Ansgar's barn and silo.  This is how the silage was moved down to the animals from the silo.  I never saw inside it, I'm not sure if it was just a chute but I suppose it was quite simple but functional.
So, now Ansgar's Little Barn has a chute between silo & barn.

The chute is done.

Now the silo has better support and also we can move the silage.

The back of the barn has a broken out window.
 I'm really pleased with the result.  
I'm working on making a little barn wood sign for it.

Another item I brought home from Ansgar's barn at Paul & Maggie's, was an external door.
This door was on the side of the barn, close to where the chute attached.
I decided to use that door as a backdrop to my hops garden.
It looks better in person, I think.
Ansgar's Little Barn has been a fun project.
I hope it stands for a very long time as a memorial to my Grandparents Ansgar and Frederikke.

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