Sunday, June 29, 2014

More Bombing Around

Sunday, I went over to Luck to attend church at West Denmark with Dad & Ev, Aunt Johanne and Nancy and cousin Gary.  It was a beautiful day and as always, sitting in that church stirs up memories and emotions not felt elsewhere.
Coffee after church gave me a chance to visit with my Petersen cousins, always a pleasure.
I even talked Ronnie into cutting me some steel roofing to put on Ansgar's Lille Barn.
A new sign in my Danish garden directs you to the barn.
After the coffee, Dad and Ev and I took a drive down County Trunk N.  Dad was remembering who lived in each house and told many stories about the people who made up the West Denmark community back in his youth.  Should have had a tape recorder!
We ate lunch at The Lower Bar in Cushing, WI.
A greasy burger and a beer hit the spot.
We continued our drive on some of the town roads, found where my Uncle Chris had his farm before I can remember, along with many other relatives and friends.
I left Dad and Ev in the late afternoon to head back to Rice Lake.
As I was leaving the motel to head East, I noticed a makeshift puddle and a Killdeer enjoying the water.

Pretty bird with long legs.

A friend of mine told me that his granddaughter didn't know that water towers had any function,
she thought that towns just put them up so people would know the name of the town.
I bet most little kids share her opinion.

The clouds were gathering and the sky was really pretty all the way home.

As I was stopped on the side of the road, with camera aimed at the clouds, I noticed a doe and her fawn, making her way across Hwy 48.

I just barely caught this little fawn as it scampered across the road and on into the field.
Oh I wish they would stay off the road.
As it turned out, those clouds didn't gain enough momentum to rain on Rice Lake, but they made my drive home very interesting.

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