Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bombing Around

On Saturday, 6/28, I attended the memorial service for my Dad's first cousin, Kristian Henriksen.  
There were many first cousins in the Henriksen family tree, 
and now it is down to just Johanne and Valdemar, siblings.
As most memorial services are, it was a gathering of old friends and relatives, many of whom I had not seen for many years and some I had seen fairly recently.
The stories told were many, and most touched me as I am quite sentimental about my West Denmark roots.
We walked around the cemetery a bit after Kris's internment.
These two started it all for me in West Denmark, 
my grandparents rest under a tree in the West Denmark cemetery.

After the service, coffee and more visiting at the hall gave me a chance to catch up with a second cousin, once removed, who was also my classmate in school at Luck.
In the evening, Gus and Lois hosted Dad & Ev, Glenn and Kathy, Aunt Johanne and daughter Nancy, cousin Gary and myself at their home for a summer meal.  It was nice to have that group together and hear the stories that each told.
Gus told a funny story about being at Kris and Doris's wedding and asking Mom about the tiered wedding cake.  He wondered if that whole thing was cake.  Mom's response was no, it was not all cake.  When Gus asked how it was done?  Her response was "That's the Baker's secret."  According to Gus, that drove him nuts trying to figure it out.

Glenn remembered working with Kris in the cities for a day, somewhere, he couldn't remember; doing something, he couldn't remember, but it was during the flooding season, but beyond that, he couldn't remember.

Gus had another one.  When Dad & Kris were working together making church furniture.  Little Gussie was in the shop one day and asked what all the oddly shaped pieces of wood were that were hanging on the wall.  Kris replied that those were 'jigs'.  He explained that Valdemar is an expert at making jigs to make woodworking easier, faster and for replication of efforts.  Kris told Gus, that Valdemar was so good at making jigs, that if they ever landed a man on the moon, Valdemar would probably have to go there and make some jigs.  Now that impressed Gus.

It was so nice to see Aunt Johanne in Luck again.  Her husband Thorvald has been unable to travel for a while now, and she has had her own health issues, so it was a joy to have them there for the gathering.

As always, Gus and Lois were generous hosts and we all had plenty of wonderful food to eat and a special treat of rhubard dessert is always Dad's favorite.
Lois always sets the pretty buffet.
Glenn and Kathy had a long drive home and I headed off to Rice Lake.  The big rain storm followed us on our travels and we 3 were happy to make it to our Home Sweet Homes in good shape.

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