Friday, June 6, 2014

Success with peony planting

One of my friends who I met through the Cameron Bridge group, owns a peony farm.  They grow the flowers for worldwide shipping and then they sell the roots as well.  I bought 5 plants last fall, 3 different varieties.  I wanted the shorter stemmed varieties and I wanted at least one white one.
I planted the roots in a circle around the fire number by the driveway, a spot I've tried to spruce up since I moved in here.
It was pretty exciting to see the little pink sprouts make it through the mulch this Spring.
On Monday morning, after an all night rain, 
I noticed that the first of the flowers is open, and others are soon to follow.

 This is the next bloom that will open, another deep red.  
It looks like the white flowers will be a little later.

I've also been working on establishing a strawberry patch across the back of the garage.
Maybe this year is my year.

I suppose there are silver linings to a harsh winter, maybe some plants did better while some suffered.
Mother Nature can be a real sweetheart but she can also be a real witch.

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