Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It's always something, and it's never nothing

My brother Gus has had more medical problems than I can even keep track of.
This year, on his 68th birthday, late in the evening, he ended up in the ER and then made a trip in the ambulance to the VA hospital in Minnesota all over a bad cellulite infection in his leg.
It was not a fun way for him to celebrate his birthday.
Of course, it was no treat for Lois either.  
Late nights after ER visits are exhausting.  
The patient is laying down and being taken care of, the family members sit on chairs that are not always (make that never) comfortable, and the waiting is long and often quite tedious.
Luckily, he only had to spend two nights in the hospital, a good start on IV antibiotics and then home with more medicine to cure his infection.
So, he was coming home on Gus & Lois's 40th wedding anniversary.
When they mentioned that they would probably stop in St. Croix Falls for dinner at the Panda King, I said I would meet them there and buy them dinner for their anniversary.
It worked out great.
I drove over and had just finished a little grocery shopping when they pulled in.
We had a very tasty dinner at The Panda King, then I followed them home to Luck and we continued our visit in the 'fiesta porch'.
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 Lois is the queen of spray paint.  She has found the fun colors and turned her aging white wicker furniture into a splash of summer fun.

We visited until almost dark, and then I drove home.
I made it safely even though the deer were wanting to be on the road, and the swamp witches were brewing causing quite a bit of fog.
I'm glad Gus is feeling better, I hope it's a long while before he has to see the ER again.
But, with him, it's usually "never nothing".

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