Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Medical Crappola

Well, this has been a year of medical expense for me.  Along with the usual annual visits, I added in genetic testing for a deleterious gene (negative, yay), removal of a mole (which turned out to be a crazy elaborate procedure, but also negative, yay) and now my ankle is really bothering me, go figure.
I had a consult with a podiatry specialist about a month ago.  He suggested that I have injections of a high density gel that is made from the combs of chickens.  So, I had the first of a series of 3 injections on Monday.  It's a week between each injection, 
so I'll be going to Eau Claire on Mondays for a couple more weeks. 

The doctor used a fluoroscope to locate where he wanted to make the injection, and then bombs away!
Every time the doctor looks at my ankle on the screen he says, 
"This poor ankle."  
And I agree.
The injection went really quick and was relatively painless.  
The needle wasn't actually in my ankle for this shot, he just took this as he was lining up where to insert the needle.
He printed me a copy for my 'scrapbook'.
And for the drive home, I thought it felt great.
But today, we are back to square one.
There may be a cumulative effect over the next 3 weeks, but I'm already planning the next step.
I'll be having my ankle fused, this will eliminate nearly all pain and since I already have almost no range of motion in this joint, I should not notice much difference in walking.
The hard part is the surgery aftermath.
4 weeks of no weight bearing, and 4 more weeks in a waling boot.
Since I'll need some help during this time, I've decided to get scheduled for September.
I can easier get around with the scooter if I'm not fighting snow and helpers can easier get here to assist me during nicer weather.
More to come on that,
but in the meantime, I'm trying to get stronger and lose a few pounds (like always).
After this year, I'm hoping for minimal medical crap.
Life is interesting, eh?

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