Saturday, September 5, 2015


These two cats I live with often cause me to wonder 'why'.
Hops just can't seem to leave the decorative pine cones alone, 
while Barley never gives them a glance.
It takes a special flick of the wrist to get the pine cone out of the ceramic canoe.
She admires it for only a split second, before giving it a nudge.

Once on the floor, the pine cone is no longer interesting.
Barley loves to spend time on the deck, safely inside her cat condo.
Hops gets very agitated when in the cat condo, so she lays on the carpet just inside the sliding door while Barley and I enjoy decktime.

But somethings they agree upon, like finding that ray of sunshine to stretch and nap in its warmth.

Hops sleeps most of the day in her cat bed, Barley prefers the quiet of the extra bedroom.
Snuggling with me while I watch TV or play on my Ipad, Hops loves this and will stay until I move her.  Barley likes it for a short time, but then she finds someplace to lay with no interruption to her sleep.  They are funny critters, and they keep me wondering 'why'.

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