Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Found things

Today I took on my office / sewing room.  My goal is to purge and then tidy.  It's going pretty good, but while I'm on break, I decided to scan a couple of things I found today.
This letter from Uncle Chris sending me the Skaal Song.  Many years ago now, I remember wanting to learn it after hearing it at a wedding or other gathering, and he took the time to handwrite the words for me.  The Skaal Song has become a family favorite and I have even sung it on a few occasions for friends who were celebrating an event.
I thought it was fun to see his handwriting again.  Some things get lost but then today, this got found.

Also found in the mix today, a couple of old photos.
Dad and Ev on Laila's wedding day.
They looked fabulous.
It's just a year this week that Ev died.  I still can't believe that they are both gone.
But, I guess they are not as long I we keep them in our thoughts and hearts.
Laila was a very pretty bride too.
It's good to find these memories.

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