Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Fan

When I moved into my house, there was a huge ceiling fan in the archway between Living & Dining Rooms, shiny gold and not to my taste.  I found some small fans and installed one in each bedroom and then replaced the one in the Living Room.  

Recently, I had decided that I needed a slightly larger fan and was interested in matching the glass in my kitchen fixtures.  The fan arrived from my pals at Amazon several weeks ago, it got moved around to keep it out from underfoot and then finally the box was opened, the instructions extracted, and then it was moved a few more times to keep it out of the way.  Sunday, taking a break from the Joy of Tidying Up, I finally got down to it, opened the box, spread the parts and went to work.

Isn't it true that the variety of parts and pieces can be overwhelming, but in reality it didn't take that long to assemble, and in no time, I had a new fan in place of the old.

A good improvement, and even after my electrical wiring of the unit, it actually works as designed!
Now the old little fan can be installed at The Sandcastle, it will be a nice addition there.
I'm a fan of home improvement projects like this, especially when they are successful.

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