Wednesday, September 9, 2015

It's coming

Today as I was going through the office closet, I ran across a folder from 2006 when I tutored a young man at TNT in Golden, CO.
I worked with Brenden, once a week, for 2 years and it was very enjoyable.  He was a likeable young man with a difficult family situation.  His father had suffered from depression and ended up dying from suicide when Brenden was about 6.  So, tutoring was to help with school, to give Mom a chance to have an hour to herself and to be another adult in Brenden's life who cared about him.
We really did have fun and generally he was quite compliant, although, he liked the games I brought the best, he would oblige me with 10 minutes of reading at the end of our session.
One of the last times I saw him, he gave me this poem that he had written for me.

I liked this poem then and I even like it more now.
I'm guessing Brenden must be about 18 by now, hopefully graduated from High School and on to whatever his life will bring.  It would be fun to know, but I'll just assume the best.

I do love winter, by the way.
And, oh by the way, it's coming.

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