Friday, September 11, 2015

More Merlot than Monet

I was invited to a gathering on Thursday night sponsored by my Thrivent Representative.  A group of women were invited to enjoy Merlot and to paint a 'masterpiece'.
I was encouraged to bring a guest, so I invited friend Carol to come along.
As it got nearer, neither Carol nor I were very excited about going, but eventually it was too late to cancel, so we went.
When we arrived we were a little confused about the set up, eventually figured out that the hostess was treating us to the wine and snacks and sweets.  Perfect!  The commemorative glasses were extra, so I decided to treat Carol and I to a keep sake.
I though it looked pretty nice at this stage of the evening.

The teacher asked me to take the curve out of my sunset, isn't the earth round anymore?

Starting to look a lot like...nothing.

Carol was getting the hang of the long smooth strokes, but  we had to stop to fix (refill) our glasses from time to time.

The teacher's painting was meant to inspire us.

Carol got started on her weeds.

I think mine was better before the weeds grew.

Fun to see each masterpiece at completion.

My friend Carol & I with our 'Monet'

 It really was a fun evening.
We were done early, so Carol and I stopped for a nightcap at Lehman's on our way home.
For not really wanting to go, we both had a very very fun evening.

 I'm not sure my painting will hang in the house, maybe the sewing room, we'll see.

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