Saturday, September 19, 2015


The life-changing magic of tidying up is a book I recently heard about and then decided to order.

The author has been tidying up since she was a young girl, and so has developed a system.
Her advice is to look at everything you own and decide if it brings you JOY.  If it does, keep it.  
If it does not bring you joy, thank it for it's service and discard it.
I have been needing to reorganize my office / sewing room and reading her book got me motivated.

So, after many trips to Goodwill and to the trash, 
now I have a much more functional office and sewing space.
I also got busy in the kitchen and emptied some shelves.
There is more to be done in the closets, but this was a great start.
It feels good, and maybe even gives me JOY.

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