Sunday, September 20, 2015

And more joy

Yes. I am still reading the book about tidying up.  
Today I read the chapter about socks. 
The author's theory is that folding clothes is important, and storing items like a loaf of bread gives you good visibility to what you have.  
Specifically, she talked about socks.  Socks should be folded instead of made into a ball by stretching one cuff over both socks.  Why?  Well, she said that the socks need time to rest.  When you are wearing socks, they take the pressure between your foot and the sole of your shoe.  Folded in the drawer is the only time socks get to rest.
So now my socks can rest.  
She did not mention underwear, but I figured the theory holds, so all are 'resting' now.
I have to admit pulling this drawer open is a nicer experience than the tangled mess.
It even gives me Joy.

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