Monday, September 28, 2015

Day 1 of The Sister

The last two times Laila visited Rice Lake, we were involved in funerals.
This last weekend, she came just to have a vacation, have fun and see some fall colors.
Glenn picked her up at the airport and then I drove to Spring Valley and we started our weekend of fun.
Drive up to Luck to visit with Gus & Lois, we did a drive by visit with Dana at River Valley Ford in Baldwin, WI.  He was ever so surprised to see her.  I guess the word had not spread that she was planning a Wisconsin trip.
From there we headed to Luck, but we made a quick stop at the West Denmark Cemetery to see Dad & Ev first.  I was so pleased to see the geranium I put there in May is once again blooming.  I never imagined that a planter in May would still look good in September.  

Another quick stop at the driveway where Grandpa & Grandma lived across the road from our old home-place on County Trunk N.
This driveway is legend in terms of how pretty it is in fall & winter.
The leaves haven't really started to turn yet, but we enjoyed seeing it anyway.

Then a visit with Gus and Lois, with accidental visits there with Ryan, Megan, Ivan and baby August.  A quick hello & goodbye with Angie too.
Laila & Gus

Laila, Ivan, Gus
Lois fixed us apple cake and ice cream and we had a good chat.
Gus, Wanda & Laila
Finally, we headed off to Rice Lake.
The sunset was a beauty, so we stopped a couple of times to take a few photos.
We decided to have nachos and margaritas at Adventures once back in RL.

We had a good waitress and it was a good stop.

Finally, at home, unloading the car with suitcases and other items, I made a big error.
I forgot to zip up my camera backpack and the camera and lens fell out on the front porch.
So, that ended that.
The next day, I packed it up and sent it off to the repair folks.
In the meantime, I'm using my old camera body and lesser lens.  It's good I have something to use, but a big disappointment not to have my good camera for the rest of the weekend.
Some lessons are hard to learn I guess, it is the second time I've made this error.

Laila had been up at 3am so we had an early bedtime, lots of fun planned for the next day.

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