Saturday, August 1, 2015

How to take a photograph

Nowhere, in anything I have read or learned about photography, is it suggested that you line up your subjects up with the sun squarely on their faces and in their eyes, yet that is just what I did for Kyle and family. 
I'm spending the weekend in Lake Hallie, near Chippewa Falls, WI to watch Gage play baseball and to spend time with Kyle's family.
It's perfect summer weather, and we found a nice place for lunch called The View right on Laker Wissota.
After lunch,  the family went off to find a beach.  I poked around and took a few photos and walked up and down the main street.  And then went back to the motel to cool off.   Fun / crazy to stay in a motel just 30 minutes from home. 
Looking forward to a little happy hour later on. 

Even with the sun, we got one really nice shot. 

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