Friday, August 14, 2015

Driving Miss Emily

Emily, Alyxis, Wanda, Michelle
My great niece, Alyxis, invited her second cousin, Emily, to join her family in Wisconsin Dells for the week.  I offered to help get Emily from Luck to Spring Valley.  Today I went to Luck for lunch & and to help a friend set up his new 'smartphone', and then I drove Emily to Baldwin for the meet-up.

Emily will be a freshman this fall.  She plays volleyball on JV and will suit up (and practices with) the Varsity team.  She played on a traveling team over the summer to build her skills.  Her best friend Hanna is on the same team.  Hanna's parents are close friends with Em's parents and they all are members of the same church.  Emily is a good student, all A's except for a B+ in Math.

It was fun to chat with Em on our drive. She told me she hopes to be an OB nurse someday. She would like to attend Northwestern University in the twin cities.  She has a friend who goes there now, but Emily realizes it is a private school and that makes it pricey tuition.

Emily said she hopes to finish school and then she wants to have a lot of kids, and wants to work nights so she can spend time with her babies.

(I thought it would be good to write in my blog about her plans and then we will check back in a few years.)

We met Michelle and Alyxis in Baldwin and off to the Dells they went, after a quick selfie.

I loved driving Miss Em!

Wanda from my iPad

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